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A Fundraiser for Wesley VanHook funeral expenses

On November 19 my brother in law was killed in a tragic commercial fishing accident. He didn’t have any kind of insurance. Were unfortunately not able to afford a funeral for him. Those that knew Wesley knew he was a great guy and an even greater uncle to his nephew. He lost his life doing what he loved, being on the water. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. If your unable to donate please keep our family in your prayers. Thank you click here to donate 07:37

Lets help this guy get to the International Seafood Expo in Quindao, China and expand the dogfish markets

My name is Doug Feeney. I have been a commercial fisherman for over 20 years. I used to catch a lot of ground fish back in the day and throw overboard all the dog fish we caught as they were considered nuisance. Times have changed: There is a shortage of ground fish and we need to maximize what we have left – dogfish and skates. About 5 years ago I decided to bring attention to these underutilized species – both domestically and internationally. I have also made a point to keep an eye on the regulatory aspect as well and keep both sustainable and prevent overfishing. In 2014 I was elected to serve on the AP committee of spiny dogfish and have attended council meetings. I found 3 serious issues: 1. Currently there are only 3 processors who can only realistically handle 80,000 lbs per day; 2. The market we rely on is almost exclusively in Europe. 3. A great number of members wanted to see an increase of the daily limit (currently 6000); So if the limit goes up to 10,000, not only fish can’t be processed, but there is currently not enough demand which will result into the price to the boat go down to $0.12/$0.16/lb. So I have made it my mission to expand the markets for these fisheries. Read the rest here, and donate if you can. Lets get rid of the dogs! 21:23

Captain Glen Libby Needs Your Help!

Glen Libby FundCaptain Glen Libby needs your help! You may recognize him from his years of fishing on the F/V Skipper out of Port Clyde. Afterwards, he joined the New England Fisheries Management Council to advocate for the small boat fishing/small business industry in Maine. In January 2016, Glen fell ill and after repeated visits to the local hospital, was transferred to Beth Israel in Boston where after lots of tests, the doctors have told him he needs a liver transplant. We wish you well Glen Libby! Click here, and please make a donation if you can.

Spousal Relief Fund For Genny

This fund has been set up for my mother, Genny Pavan. We are currently trying to raise any money we can for her during this difficult time. The money will be used to help her with financial struggles she has endured since the loss of her spouse Doug. Her lights are on the verge of being turned off, and is months behind in other bills. She has basically been left on her own, with no help and broken promises.  As many of us already know, in September Doug tragically lost his life fishing off the coast of Tofino while aboard the Caledonian when the boat suddenly capsized. Please read the rest here , and please donate if you can.  Related articles – Caledonian Tragedy Family Relief Fund click,  – For: Wes Hegglund, Keith Standing, Doug White – There appears to be a problem with the Caledonian Tragedy Family Relief Fund click

Help save a friendly fisherman!!! – Rodney Baker

My husband Rodney Baker was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma Cancer. We have no insurance and no savings, and they want treat this aggressively. We all know what that means. With that being said, him being sick from treatment he will not be able to work. He’s a commercial fisherman, he’s captain of The Casey’s Pride out of Madeira Beach. He’s been fishing for 30+ years, he loves it, besides my children and I fishing is his life. My goal is $5000 for now because I don’t know we’ll need and were not usually the type of people to ask for help,,, Read the rest here, and help if you can. 20:38

Karen Bruck asks, Please join me in supporting the efforts of Andy Mays

Andy Mays is Great FundPlease join me in supporting the efforts of Andy Mays, a great father and a great guy. A hardworking fisherman, Andy was diagnosed with cancer this past March. He and his beautiful wife, Michelle, persisted in home schooling their three delightful sons, and in continuing to participate in the boys’ sports and church activities. The driving distance to radiation and chemotherapy treatments were onerous.  Surgery went well this past week, but a long road lies ahead. Read the rest here, and please donate if you can! 22:03

If you can, Please donate for the family of Maine Lobsterman Jeremey Philbrook

Jeremy Philbrook2Recent tragedy has struck the Philbrook Family and the community of Vinalhaven. Jeremey Philbrook, a beloved son, wonderful husband & father died unexpectedly in a fishing accident. Please consider a donation to assist the family for unexpected expenses. All comments and photo shares are welcome. DONATE here 15:29