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Opinion: Halibut plan is best yet: Catch sharing manages uncertainty, conserves stock

Heath Hilyard, the executive director of the Southeast Alaska Guides Organization, is right (Aug. 9, News-Miner). The halibut catch sharing plan, or CSP, isn’t about conservation. It’s about managing the charter halibut resource responsibly so businesses can operate with more certainty. In fact, the plan was supported by the charter sector many times throughout the years for that precise reason. Why the hue and cry now? They want more fish. [email protected]  12:02

Comment by Monday 8/26 on Halibut Catch Sharing Plan

Information is here!  http://fisherynation.com/public-notices  21:12

SitNews – Viewpoints: Letters / Opinions Misinformation about halibut catch sharing plan by Tom Gemmell

There has been a lot of misinformation going around about the halibut catch sharing plan (CSP).  In an effort to correct this the Halibut Coalition  prepared a commentary on Mr Medred’s article in the Alaska Dispatch published on July 20 and other online publications. [email protected]

Begich to NOAA: Extend Public Comment Period for Halibut Catch Sharing Plan

In a letter to Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Acting Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Senator Mark Begich requested a 45-day extension [email protected] senate.gov

NPFMC Moves on Halibut, Observer, Freezer Longline Vessel Issues

Federal fisheries regulators meeting in early October in Anchorage approved new halibut catch sharing and vessel observer plans, and cleared the way for replacement or rebuilding freezer longline vessels to greater lengths. The halibut catch sharing plan, which increases the allocation for charter vessels at the expense of the setline fleet, establishes a clear allocation, with sector accountability for commercial and charter vessels in Southeast and Southcentral Alaska. Once the plan is implemented, both sectors will be tied to the same abundance index and both will be accountable for their own wastage. Read More http://fnonlinenews.blogspot.com/2012/10/npfmc-moves-on-halibut-observer-freezer.html