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West Cork Fishermen celebrate 50th anniversary by buying respite house for local charity despite ‘tough times’

A group of fishermen in West Cork have bought and donated a house worth 250k to a local charity that works with over 750 adults and children with intellectual disabilities, even though they say the fishing industry is experiencing “extremely difficult times.” “We wanted to do something to mark our 50th anniversary that our founding members and every Castletownbere who has lost their lives at sea would be proud of, we’ve never been about glitz and glamour and we’d no interest in a big party, we’ve always been about community,” John Nolan, the General Manager of the co-op said. >click to read< 06:50

Crew of Cork trawler escaped a minute before vessel sank

The crew of a Cork-registered trawler had a lucky escape after their vessel sank off the Wexford coast earlier this year within one minute of abandoning ship after a 350kg weight punctured a large hole in its deck. A report by the Marine Casualty Investigation Board has revealed how the accident caused F/V Aztec to swiftly submerge off Duncannon, Co. Wexford, on January 11 last after taking in water. The fishing vessel with four crew on board had been engaged in pair trawling with another vessel, F/V Western Down. >click to read<11:26

Killybegs welcomes first of three sister ship

The Atlantic Dawn Group based in Killybegs has welcomed their new 64.65 metre pelagic trawler, ‘Leila’ to the local fishing fleet. “We took delivery of the new vessel last week and all went well for us. We’re now preparing for the new season and new quotas in January,” The vessel will fish with a crew of nine and will be skippered by Karl’s brother Kevin McHugh, who is also Director of Fishing Operations in the Atlantic Dawn Group. >click to read< 12:30

Ireland: Future of fish industry is very ‘bleak’ – ‘We ask for no more than equal rights,,,

The future of the fishing industry remains very bleak, with scientific advice not matching the reality of what fishers are witnessing, an abundance of fish in our Irish fishing grounds. That’s according to Patrick Murphy, head of the Irish South and West Fish Producers’ Organisation. Mr Murphy said there was ‘clear evidence’ showing many stocks in our zone could allow for far higher catches and sustainable quotas for Irish fishers ‘many of whom will be forced to leave the industry if the Common Fisheries Policy remains in favour of our visiting fleets.’ ‘We ask for no more than equal rights and equal opportunities for Irish fishermen in Irish waters,’,,, >click to read< 07:13

‘They saved my life’ – Cork fisherman and crewman save man from burning yacht

Fisherman Mick Hoey was tending to shrimp pods in nearby waters with his crewman Cian when he saw the yacht that had caught fire off the coast of Myrtleville, Co Cork. Mr Hoey has said he “made a beeline” for the yacht which was being captained by Alan Mulcahy. It had been a “relief” to see that Mr Mulcahy was “ready to rock and roll” when they approached the burning vessel, Mr Hoey said. Video, >click to read< 17:57

Scrapping fishing boats will ‘destroy industry and communities’

The State’s smaller fishing trawlers and the communities depending on them will become part of folklore under the Government’s plans to scrap some of the fleet, the Oireachtas has been warned. Under the plan from Minister for Agriculture and the Marine Charlie McConalogue, backed by European Union funds, 60 small and medium-sized trawlers would be permanently decommissioned. “We will see the complete destruction of our fishing industry resulting from [this], as it is requires the wiping out of a third of the 180 vessels operating in Ireland’s offshore demersal/whitefish fleet, leading to the ultimate destruction of our Irish demersal fishing fleet,” >click to read< 22:38

Financially Ruined: Arklow skipper CJ Gaffney launches petition calling for investigation into fishing vessel

Arklow skipper CJ Gaffney has launched an online petition calling for an official and impartial investigation into the three EU countries involved in the former Irish fishing boat “Mary Kate – WD30’’. Mr Gaffney has been left in debt after purchasing the trawler in 2007, only for it to be subsequently found to be unsafe. “We are now financially ruined. We have lost our boat, our fishing quota, our fishing license. We have lost our good name. We have lost respect within our fishing community. We have no credit worthiness with financial institutions. “We have lost a proud fishing heritage spanning 5 generations of my family. “Please sign our petition. Help us get justice and compensation for a damning error which has financially ruined us.” >click to read< 07:31 – IRISH FAMILY’S LAST S​.​O​.​S. IN THEIR FIGHT FOR JUSTICE- This is the link to the Petition >click to sign<

EU is getting tangled in a net of its own making with Killybegs row

Whatever else is happening in the fishing port of Killybegs, Co Donegal, openness and transparency is not part of the playbook. Killybegs may be a long way from Dublin, or Brussels for that matter, and fishing may be Ireland’s forgotten industry, but rules of fairness and justice should still apply. A huge row over the weighing of fish is threatening to make unviable an industry that is already facing huge challenges. On one side is the EU. In 2018 it identified what it claims were serious deficiencies in the Irish fisheries control system. >click to read< 22::30

Irish fishing fleet to be gutted by one third to make Brexit quota – “This is a very sad day.”

Sixty trawlers will be decommissioned and taken out of business by the end of next year leaving just 100 vessels left in the whole country. The Government is to pay out €63.5 million in compensation from EU funds to the fishermen who are leaving the industry. All of the country’s fishing groups agreed to the deal except the West and South Fish Producers Association. Precise details are expected to be given to the Dail in the next week or two. >click to read< 07:30

‘In the Eye of the Storm’: McConalogue Presents Memo on Seafood Task Force Report to Cabinet

The task force report, published in early October, is recommending just over €423 million be given to the Irish fishing industry to help weather the impact of Brexit. Highlights include awarding €66 million for a whitefish decommissioning scheme, €6 million to reduce the inshore fleet, and €3.7 million to remove inactive or off-register inshore vessels. It also recommends €90 million for seafood processors, and a series of short term measures, including a €12 million annual tie-up of polyvalent vessels over two years. >click to read< 09:55

MCIB Report into Death of Galway Fisherman Published

An investigation into the death of a Galway fisherman who became entangled in gear off Salthill last year, found the weather deteriorated “significantly” after the vessel which he fished with his father left the harbour. Tom Oliver, a relative of the Olivers who rescued two paddleboarders in Galway Bay in August 2020, died after he was dragged over the stern of the six-metre fishing vessel Myia on November 2nd 2020. His father Martin, who was almost 62, was found dead at home the following morning. >click to read< 11:21

Rescue 116: ‘Anger doesn’t get you anywhere’ Father of pilot Dara Fitzpatrick shares frustration

The father of tragic pilot Dara Fitzpatrick has shared his frustration following the final report on the fatal Rescue 116 crash. The report outlined the series of failures which caused an Irish Coast Guard helicopter to smash into a Co Mayo island before plunging into the sea in March 2017. Captain Dara Fitpzatrick and three other crew members, Captain Mark Duffy, operator Paul Ormsby and winchman Ciarán Smith died in the early hours of 14 March 2017 when on a rescue mission. Captain Fitzpatrick and Captain Duffy’s bodies were recovered but Ormsby and Smith remain lost at sea. >click to read<  – Rescue 116: From responding to a call about a minor fishing accident to utter devastation>click to read<  09:01

Exploiting Irish Fishermen – Documentary ‘lifts the lid on decades of unfairness’

Irish fishing communities have commissioned their own documentary to highlight the crisis in coastal communities which they say has been caused by decades of unfair EU fishing policy. They have invited politicians to its screening in Dublin today as a follow-on to their high-profile protest flotillas staged in Cork and Dublin ports earlier this year. Amidst a growing crisis in the fishing industry, Irish fishermen enlisted the help of Sean Moroney,, It has led to the creation of a 26-minute documentary that fishermen say finally “lifts the lid on decades of unfairness” caused by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy’s (CFP) allocation of the lion’s share, some 85%, of the total allowable catch, or quota, to the mainland European countries, despite the majority of this fishing taking place in Irish waters. Exploiting Irish Fishermen – the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy >click to read< 09:16

Taoiseach Micheal Martin asked to intervene to help Arklow fisherman left with debts of €1 million

The Taoiseach should intervene to help an Arklow skipper left with debts of €1 million after purchasing a beam trawler that was later found to be unsafe. Sinn Fein Deputy John Brady called on Taoiseach Micheal Martin to help fisherman CJ Gaffney, who purchased the beam trawler ‘Mary Kate’ in 2007. Although the vessel had been certified as safe by German authorities, it was later found to be dangerously unstable. The ‘Mary Kate’ was subsequently repossessed and sold, leaving debts of around €1 million. >click to read< 08:10

Brexit Tie-up Scheme for Fishing Fleet is Announced – Trawler owners to be paid not to fish

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue has announced the launch of a Brexit Temporary Fishing Fleet Tie-up Scheme. The scheme will help mitigate the impacts of quota cuts on the fishing fleet arising from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement agreed in December between the European Union and the UK. >click to read<  Trawler owners are to be paid up to €88,700 to not fish – He said that under the deal, these boats would tie-up at the quayside and cease all fishing activity for that month. In return, the vessel owner would receive a payment compensating for the lost fishing income. The vessel owners will in turn be required to distribute one-third of that payment to crew. >click to read< 09:52

MEP Calls on Government to “rethink” its refusal to assist Fishing Family

Irish MEP Sean Kelly has called on the government to “rethink” its refusal to assist an Arklow fishing family after it lost substantial funds over a vessel bought abroad which proved to be dangerously unstable. Skipper CJ Gaffney of a well known Arklow fishing family with five generations of service with the RNLI lifeboat, incurred substantial losses over the purchase of the vessel which had been certified as safe by German authorities. The beam trawler Mary Kate was bought in the Netherlands in 2007, with the Gaffneys borrowing 620,000 euro for the purchase. However, when CJ Gaffney began fishing the vessel in January 2008, he noticed that it was significantly more unstable than his previous older boat. Tests showed 20 tonnes of unaccounted steel were in the vessel, and the family opted to lengthen it to make it safer. >click to read< 11:21

New Antarctic For McHugh Family – Youngest members of the family raised the Irish flag on the vessel

Eamon Óg and Gerard Jr raised the flag on Antarctic’s mast, supervised by their grandparents Teresa and Eamon McHugh, who have together been at the head of this family business for 25 years. Eamon McHugh is a well-known figure within the pelagic fishing community, with forty seagoing years behind him as he has worked up from sailing as mate on Paula to running his own pelagic vessel. He will continue to skipper the new Antarctic, the  fifth vessel in the family’s ownership. The Antarctic Fishing Company goes back to 1987 when he acquired the first Antarctic from his brother Kevin McHugh, subsequently replacing it in 1997 with their first newbuild. Today Eamon and Teresa’s sons Eamon J and Gerard are closely involved in the company’s operations, with Eamon J managing the shore side and Gerard sailing as skipper. >Click to read<,,, Read more about Antarctic– 13:39

Two messages in two bottles wash up in the same week from the same Crab fisherman!

Amanda Tidmarsh was over the moon when she found the note inside the glass receptacle. It was from a snow crab fisherman named John Graham, who left his email for the finder to contact him. The 52-year-old, from Brynna, did just that and is now waiting to hear back from the seafarer. “When I found it I thought it was lovely – got all this way without being smashed. I thought there was something inside it, it’s like treasure,” >click to read< and, Brothers Oisín, and Eoghan O’Doherty from Greencastle along with Odhran O’Sullivan discovered a message in a bottle while holidaying in Co. Kerry. >click to read< 09:30

Three boys find a message in a bottle sent from Canadian Crabber off the coast of Kerry

Brothers Oisín, and Eoghan O’Doherty from Greencastle along with Odhran O’Sullivan discovered a message in a bottle while holidaying in Co. Kerry. The boys noticed the bottle lodged into the rocks along the coastline, after help from a relative the bottle was eventually recovered and the message inside was found. The message inside the bottle was written by Canadian fisherman Craig Drover while he was at sea off the coast of Newfoundland onboard his vessel F/V Artic Eagle. The message reads: “This bottle was tossed over the side of the F/V Artic Eagle on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada while fishing for snow crabs.” >click to read< 22:18

Racing Pigeon News! Lost racing pigeon gets lift home to Ireland on Cork trawler

Lady Ann’s owner thought she was lost forever when bad weather made her fly off course during a 405-mile race,,, However, the pigeon landed on a trawler fishing for prawns 180 miles of the west coast of Ireland where she stayed with the crew for two weeks. Patrick Diver, skipper of the ‘Alannah Reilly’ boat, says the crew grew very attached to the pigeon,,, “We are based out of Castletownbere and there were nine of us out on a 26-day fishing trip for prawns, about 180 miles from the coast. “The pigeon landed on the boat and was quite cheeky in that she’d make her way inside the wheelhouse anytime she’d see the door open. >click to read< 09:37

New €20 million fishing vessel arrives in Killybegs

The ‘Antarctic’ is one of the most modern and high tech pelagic fishing vessels in Europe. It is owned by Teresa and Eamon McHugh who operate the Antarctic Fishing Company. Sons Eamon J. and Gerard are also deeply involved in the family business, with Eamon J. managing the shore side and Gerard fishing alongside his father as skipper. While the hull for ‘Antarctic’ was built by Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen. Denmark, everything onboard the new vessel was supplied by Killybegs-based companies. “Barry Electronics has installed the electronics while Sea Quest supplied the hydraulics, winch and crane package. Sea Quest supplied the full RSW-machinery and vacuum unloading packages and KT Nets and Swan Nets supplied the nets and life-saving equipment. >click to read< 20:10

Dunmore East fishermen tell Minister: “All the problems go away if you get more quota.”

The Marine Minister visited the picturesque Dunmore East harbour on one of the hottest days of the year, he faced some searing questions about the future of the fishing fleet, including from a young fisherman who asked him to fight for more quota. “Every year it’s getting harder,” another fisherman said. A fifth generation Dunmore East fisherman told the Minister: “All the problems go away if you get more quota.” Around 20 fishermen gathered at the famous Co Waterford harbour to air their grievances with the minister,,, >click to read< 07:38

Minister for Marine McConalogue Rejects Plea for Help from Skipper who Raised Serious Safety Issues

Minister for Marine Charlie McConalogue has rejected a plea for help from an Irish skipper who bought a beam trawler in the Netherlands which proved to be dangerously unstable. As The Sunday Independent reports, skipper CJ Gaffney (49) of a well known Arklow fishing family has incurred substantial losses over the purchase of the vessel which had been certified as safe by German authorities. The beam trawler Mary Kate was bought in the Netherlands by CJ Gaffney of Arklow, Co Wicklow and his father in 2007, borrowing 620,000 euro for the purchase. When CJ Gaffney began fishing the vessel in January 2008, he noticed that it was significantly more unstable than his previous older,,, >click to read< 18:10

Used. Fishermen say MPs who hyped Brexit fishing benefits have abandoned them

Conservative MPs who hyped the potential benefits of Brexit for the fishing industry have been accused of quietly abandoning any mention of the issue after promised gains failed to materialise. “Those Conservative MPs that were our most vociferous supporters were very quiet, about the implications of the TCA [trade and cooperation agreement]. That’s the world that we’re having to adjust to,” said Barrie Deas, chief executive of the NFFO in a briefing with journalists on Wednesday. “The European Research Group, for example quite often referred to fishing as a poster child [for Brexit] but I don’t think any of them came out and said this is a bad deal for fishing. Their eye was on the main prize, which of course was the trade agreement.” >click to read< 15:30

Elephant tusk recovered off Kerry coast by trawler fishing for prawns

An elephant tusk recovered at sea by a Kerry fishing vessel may have originated onboard a slave ship bound for England or America. The Ivory tusk was discovered by the Dingle based Cú na Mara in the Porcupine Basin. The trawler had been fishing for prawns about 120 miles off the Kerry coast when they discovered that the elephant tusk had become entangled in their nets. >click to read< 17:59

The Irish Coast Guard helicopter forced to abandon a maritime rescue mission is back in operation

The Sikorsky S-92 aircraft was evacuating an injured fisherman from a trawler off the coast of Kerry when a warning light appeared in the cockpit. It was forced to reroute immediately to the closest landing spot, at Valentia coast guard station, leaving its winchman and the fisherman aboard the boat. They were later picked up by another coastguard helicopter from Waterford. The incident started early on Sunday morning when the coastguard was responding to a distress call,,, >click to read< 11:55

Ireland has a helicopter problem. Coast Guard leaves winch operator with injured fisherman at sea

An Irish Coast Guard helicopter was forced to leave a crew member and an injured fisherman on a trawler off the coast of Kerry on Sunday after encountering mechanical trouble. The Air Corps put its aircraft on standby amid fears Rescue 115, a Sikorsky S92 helicopter, would have to ditch in the sea on its way back to base. The S92 was the same helicopter model involved in the Rescue 116 disaster in 2017, which resulted in the deaths of the four crew members aboard. >click to read< 08:38

Ireland’s fishermen and farmers fight the Brexit fallout

Ireland’s fishermen and farmers took to Dublin to protest what they feel are unfair regulations. They are not happy with the Irish government either, which they say is failing to stand up for them. The issues involved for our fishermen and farmers are different, of course, but they go back to the same roots, as we will explain in a moment. First the fishermen. In the middle of last week, a huge flotilla of fishing boats sailed up the Liffey,,, It was the most picturesque protest we have seen here in a long time. >click to read< 18:12

Ireland’s fishing industry: A post-Brexit quandary

Fishermen and women are in a quandary over sharp Brexit cuts to their catch in the EU-UK trade agreement. The deal eliminates some €20 million from mackerel and prawn quotas this year. By 2026 the annual value of all stocks will drop €43 million, a 15 per cent cut from 2020. For the fishing industry, this is the opposite of the decisive European solidarity that buttressed Ireland’s efforts to keep the Border open after Brexit. Trawlers sailed into Dublin port last week to protest outside a meeting of the Dáil in the convention centre. After huge price cuts because of coronavirus, the mood is grim in coastal communities. The Seafood Task Force, a Government-appointed group that includes the industry, reports a “deep sense of grievance”. >click to read< 13:35

Fishing protest: ‘This isn’t about fishermen; this is about every single citizen of the State’

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, dozens of fishing boats cruised quietly up the river Liffey in a kind of stealth assault on the capital. The silence would not last long.,,, Children held placards demanding their futures be protected; fishermen wore baseball hats insisting being allowed catch 15 per cent was not enough, a reference to the proportion of fish available to them in Irish waters. Patrick Murphy, chief executive of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation,“The Irish people have to understand this isn’t about fishermen; this is about every single citizen of the State,” photos, video, >click to read< 08:39