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Meanwhile on Old Cape Cod, Joe’s Lobster Mart legal battle gets ugly

There is a seafood fight underway in Barnstable Superior Court over accusations of embezzlement, disputes about property and allegations of derogatory comments. The suit and countersuit involve Scott Thayer and his former boss at Joe’s Lobster Mart in Sandwich, Joseph Vaudo — two men who worked side-by-side for 30 years and who appeared so close, Thayer went with Vaudo to Boston on several occasions as Vaudo tried to save his licenses to sell seafood. The state Department of Public Health revoked Vaudo’s licenses after he pleaded guilty to receiving stolen oysters at his Sandwich seafood business. Read the article here 10:48

Joe’s Lobster Mart Re-Opening Is A Travesty Of Justice – Real Cape Hippie

Real Cape HippieJoe’s Lobster Mart, the beleaguered fish market on the shores of the Cape Cod Canal, is reopening under new ownership. Scott Thayer, the long-time general manager of Joe’s Lobster Mart,…What an absolute crock of shit. I didn’t need to read one sentence of this article before my bullshit detector started ringing like the dinner bell at Honey Boo Boo’s house. Read the rest here  and more story’s here  10:14

From the Cape Cod Hippie – JUDGE: Joe’s Lobster Mart Has 14 Days To Clear Out Its Stock And Shut Down

Real Cape HippieDing, Dong, the witch is dead! Or at least its been given 14 days to live… until the appeal… whatever, it’s better than nothing. It looks like the thief’s testimony that this was not a “one time” incident has sealed Joe’s fate, and rightfully so. Read the rest here 18:45

A MUST READ For Anyone Who Defended Joe’s Lobster Mart – Game, Set, Match.

realcapeheaderlogo5Real Cape Hippie has carried the Torch of Justice over the Joe’s Lobster Mart saga. For a rundown, read this article, Testimony: Lobster Mart Bought Thousands Of Stolen Oysters ( its a shitload of oysters!) Then read the Hippies post. It’s classic Cape Hippie, straight to the point! He repeatedly bought tens of thousands of oysters stolen from the public and from honest hard working Cape Codders. He sold them back Read the rest here 15:05

Just in from the Cape – Joe’s (STOLEN) Lobster Mart Still Open After Conviction For Buying Stolen Shellfish

The Hippie tells us You’ll be able to buy lobsters, oysters and swordfish at Joe’s Lobster Mart for at least a couple more days.,,  “Vaudo on the other hand fucked over the very community that supports his business. Honest hard working people are working their ass off to provide him with the shellfish that he sells to other honest hard working people under the pretense that he is buying them from the honest hard working people in their community. Joe’s Lobster Mart buying stolen shellfish at a discount and selling them at regular prices is offensive on many, many levels. Read the rest here 20:47

Poor Joe. Bought Poached Oyster from a thief – Oyster farmers stew over Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe’s letter

Victims of last summer’s oyster thefts that cost local shellfish farmers thousands in lost business and damaged equipment want a Sandwich business owner who accepted the stolen goods to lose his permits to sell fish. And some are outraged that wrote a letter that they say appears to advocate for the perpetrator rather than his victims. Read more here  Sundays post here 08:45

Poor Joe. Bought Poached Oyster from a thief, now the fallen fishmonger fights to keep license

Joseph Murray says his friend made a terrible mistake,,,Joseph Vaudo, owner of Joe’s Lobster Mart in Sandwich. Vaudo, 63, pleaded guilty in March to receiving stolen oysters in the market located next to the Cape Cod Canal, willfully misleading police during an investigation and failure or refusal to file required statistical reports of wholesale and retail dealers. jeeez. Poor Joe. Read more here  Two from The Real Cape. One headline says it all! Oyster Thief Indicted – Still Not The Biggest Douche In This Story The natives have spoken.  07:00

Joe’s Lobster Mart owner fights state over seafood license

The health department action came after Vaudo, 63, pleaded guilty in March to receiving stolen property, willfully misleading police during an investigation and failure or refusal to file required statistical reports of wholesale and retail dealers. He was ordered to pay $6,250 in fines and court costs. The charges against Vaudo stemmed from an investigation into a string of thefts from oyster beds last summer in Barnstable and Dennis. Read more here  09:12

Massachusetts Department of Public Health aims to shut down Joe’s Lobster Mart

In the wake of last month’s guilty plea by Joseph Vaudo to selling stolen oysters in his fish market, the state Department of Public Health now seeks to revoke his license to sell and distribute seafood, a spokesman for the agency said Thursday. Read more here capecodonline.com  07:18

Dirty Seafood Dealer taken to the Cleaner – Oyster Thief Indicted – Still Not The Biggest Douche In This Story

BOYCOTT JOE’S LOBSTER MART! – It takes a special kind of douchebag to steal a blue collar working man’s tools. Stealing his oysters sucks for sure, but stealing his ability to continue to make a living is fucking deplorable. That said, the oyster thief is not the biggest douche in this story. That crown goes to Joseph Vaudo. Listen, there will always be shit bags stealing from people. No doubt it’s a shitty thing to do, but this Bryant guy is just a low life who is doing what low life’s do. Vaudo on the other hand,,, Read more here therealcape.com  11:00