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Neglected fishing nets lurking in Lake Michigan create headaches for boaters

LUDINGTON, MI — The mid-morning lake water off Ludington was choppy last October as Petty Officer Kegan Thompson and three others in his Coast Guard rescue boat sped toward a disabled vessel on Lake Michigan. As the team passed the large hydroelectric plant and reservoir south of town, something unexpected in the water yanked the boat to an abrupt halt. Read more here 18:35

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians takes steps toward retrieving some fishing nets from Lake Michigan

Although commercial fisherman Thomas Battice has been sent to prison, his trap nets in Lake Michigan can’t just be pulled out by anyone who wants them out. The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, which licensed Battice, did what it could to start the process for removing Battice’s nets this week, though, and said in a press release Friday that the nets would eventually be retrieved. [email protected]

Thomas Battice sentenced to prison – the story