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Brant Rock Fishmonger gets ready to wrap up a long career

On any given day, Henry “Hank” Dunbar can be found in the same place: standing over a pine plank, filleting fish over a stainless-steel sink in the back room of the small, two-story Brant Rock Fish Market on Ocean Street. Dunbar’s age doesn’t show as he hauls hundreds of pounds of ice, bends over a 2-foot-deep cooler and sharpens filleting knives, but the 83-year-old fishmonger says his time running the Marshfield institution is likely coming to an end. “I probably put 80 hours a week into this place,” Dunbar said Friday as he filleted a halibut. “That’s getting to be a little much now that I’m upwards of 80 myself.” >click to read<12:37

A colorful flotilla of boats passed through Green Harbor for Marshfield’s annual Blessing of the Fleet.

Festooned with American flags, balloons and streamers, a colorful flotilla of 72 commercial and recreational boats passed through Green Harbor for Marshfield’s annual Blessing of the Fleet. Mike Duane, president of the Marshfield Commercial Fisherman’s Association, led the parade of boats in the “Cygnet” up to the town pier. The REv. Carmichael used an aspergillum – a small, perforated container with a handle – to sprinkle holy water on the boats as they glided by. Each year, the blessing honors fisherman and boaters who have passed away. The 2018 Blessing was in honor of four fishermen: Ray Noyes, Bob Tobin, Rick Rosen and Richard Towers. >click to read<

As Lobster prices soar, Marshfield lobstermen stay docked

Boats piled high with buoys and lobster traps sat moored in Green Harbor on Tuesday. Normally, the 65-degree day would be perfect for fishing, but it’s been nearly three months since the 45 commercial fishing boats in Marshfield have caught any lobster and the harbor buzzed with fishermen eager to get back in the water. Lobster traps are banned from 3,000 nautical miles of waters in Cape Cod Bay and parts of Massachusetts Bay between Feb. 1 and May 1 to decrease the likelihood of endangered North Atlantic Right whales from entangling themselves in lobster lines. The ban takes about 300 lobster boats offline,,,>click to read<08:34

Late season views of Green Harbor from Boston Harbor Beacon

Boating season is largely over in Green Harbor, with the exception of the commercial guys. I took a trip down here on Saturday morning after not really spending much time down here during the regular season. Located at the Southern tip of Marshfield, MA, Green Harbor is one of the coolest and most laid back fishing ports on the MA coast. http://www.bostonharborbeacon.com/

My take! http://bore-head007.newsvine.com/_news/2011/05/29/6742632-weekend-exposure-going-home-green-harbor-ma