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Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony to honor fishermen Sunday, in Morehead City

57ed347510c48-imageEach October, as the N.C. Seafood Festival comes to a close, fishermen and their families are honored during the Blessing of the Fleet. This year’s ceremony is at 10 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 2, at the N.C. State Port, 113 Arendell St., in Morehead City. Fishermen spend long, hard days on the water providing a living for their families, and the ceremony draws attention to the work that these men and women provide for their community.  “Every year we gather at the Blessing to honor the men and women who continue to work the water, along with their fathers and grandfathers who went before them,” said Jonathan Robinson, of Atlantic. He is a fisherman, county commissioner and member of the Carteret County Fishermen’s Association. “It is a very special time to those of us who are part of this industry. We hope that somehow this service will inspire the next generation to hold on to this way of life. Read the story here 10:59

Despite strong winds and cold, pelting rain, hundreds attend the 18th annual Blessing of the Fleet

Bradley Styron of the Carteret County Fishermen’s Association throws out the first of manyMOREHEAD CITY – “The Blessing of the Fleet is always filled with pride and homesickness for the local people; today was especially so,” Ms. Amspacher said. “ I think it was the weather, not just today’s rain and wind, but also the fear and threat of a storm we had all worried about for days. All that brought us closer to the realities of a fisherman’s life every day.  Over and over today I heard people saying, ‘this is their life – I couldn’t let the weather keep me away,’ and that understanding set the tone for today’s service.” Read the rest here 16:22

Blessing of the Fleet in Morehead City honors tradition, Joaquin be damned.

blessing morehead city 2015Commercial fishing trawlers cruise around the N.C. State Port of Morehead City as bands a rain and wind zip across the Intracoastal Waterway during the annual Blessing of the Fleet ceremony on Sunday where family and friends gather to honor and remember the fallen. (Dylan Ray photo)16:01

Coast Guard sets Port Condition Yankee for Morehead City, NC

uscg-logoThe Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) North Carolina has set Port Condition Yankee for Morehead City  in preparation for the anticipated weather impact of Hurricane Arthur. The port of Morehead City is closed to all inbound traffic. No vessel may enter the port of Morehead City without the permission of the COTP. Read more here 08:23