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2018-2019 Monkfish Research Set-Aside (RSA) Program

Three new cooperative research projects announced today will improve understanding of monkfish biology and how to reduce catch of skates in monkfish gillnet gear. The projects are possible because of an innovative program established by the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Councils, and managed by NOAA Fisheries in the region. Under it, monkfish fishing days are set-aside each year and revenue generated from the sale of those days are used to pay for research projects. Award recipients for the 2018-2019 Monkfish Research Set-Aside (RSA) Program include the Coonamessett Farm Foundation, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, and the University of New England. >click to read<10:08

NEFMC Discusses Offshore Wind, Clam Dredge FW, Skates, Groundfish, Herring, IFM, and More at Mid-April Meeting

The New England Fishery Management Council met April 17-19 in Mystic, CT and discussed a wide range of issues that touched on everything from industry-funded monitoring to offshore wind, Clam Dredge Framework, Skate Wing Fishery, Northeast Multispecies -Groundfish, Atlantic Herring –River Herring/Shad, The New England Council paid tribute to two retiring Council members –Mark Alexander of Connecticut, left, who served on the Council for 10 years, and Mark Gibson of Rhode Island, >click to read<15:16

NEFMC: Scallops, Council Approves Framework 29 – Whiting, Approves 2018-2020 Specifics; to Send Amendment 22 to Public Hearing

The Council took two actions today related to small-mesh multispecies, which include two stocks of silver hake and offshore hake –collectively known as “whiting” –and two stocks of red hake. click here to read the notice 16:37
The Council today approved a sweeping package of measures for Framework Adjustment 29 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan. The framework includes specifications for the 2018 scallop fishing year, which begins April 1, as well as default specifications for 2019. It also includes actions related to Closed Area 1 carryover pounds, the Northern Gulf of Maine Management Area, and flatfish accountability measures, among others. click here to read the notice

How To Play The Game

Sam Parisi writes – To me this whole fishing industry is a big game. I remember a song by Paul Anka, in part it says love’s a game a game you just can’t win. Over the years fisherman have attended many meetings held by NOAA and the NEFMC and results are always the same in spite of what fisherman say. It seems the council has already decided what they intend to do any way. I was ready to go to yesterdays meeting, but wanted to know what it was about so if I spoke, I know what I was talking about. click here to read the rest 00:10

Cape fishermen push for action on habitat protection

Part of managing fisheries is identifying and protecting that habitat. But the ocean is a big place and a difficult environment to do analysis. Politically, it’s also fractious terrain as fishermen worry about the balance between conservation and being shut out of traditional and productive fishing grounds. And so, it took 14 years for the New England Fishery Management to craft regulations protecting fish habitat, passing Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2 in June of 2015. But after over two years of review by the council and the National Marine Fisheries Service, it still hasn’t been implemented,,, click here to read the story 11:19

Coral plan threatens fishing grounds

 The NEFMC is working with the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council to preserve deep-sea corals from the Canadian border to Virginia. Area lobstermen could lose valuable fishing grounds if a federal proposal to close four areas of Gulf of Maine waters comes to fruition. The New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC) has drafted a plan that would close a span of 161 square miles offshore to commercial fishing in an effort to conserve deep-sea coral there. Two of those areas, Mount Desert Rock in Lobster Management Zone B and Outer Schoodic Ridge in Lobster Management Zone A, are preferred fishing grounds for local fishermen when lobster head further offshore in the winter. The other proposed offshore closure areas lie in Jordan Basin and Lindenkohl Knoll to the south.  Read the story here 09:34

Warming waters have fish on the move. Regulators need to act now! Captain Sam Novello, Gulf of Maine Fisherman

T0 NOAA & NEFMC – Because of our warming ocean temperatures fish & squid stocks are moving into north for cooler waters to survive. In the near future , these stocks will be moving into the  waters and these stocks will be more abundant there than in the southern  waters. Most Gulf of Maine fishermen have very little quota of these stocks and most have no quota at all!  Our  regulators and the NEFMC should be addressing the issue now. Today in the Gulf of Maine, most of fishermen and boats are now out of commercial  fishing. At one time there was 2500 fishing  permits in the fishing  industry. Today I believe there about 200 active permits left. Most  of these permits are  small family day boats who are struggling to stay in business fishing. It would  be  a devastating disaster to our natural fishing resources and having Gulf of Maine fishermen dump these fish because of  lack of quota. Regulators and Management should consider using incidental catch limits on new stocks. Example- 2000 lbs, per trip. All Gulf of Maine communities and  fishermen would  benefit by using  incidental  catch limits in Gulf of Maine waters!  Captain Sam Novello, Gulf of Maine Fisherman 15:01

Gloucester Fisheries Commission opposes limited access to the historically open-access whiting fishery

manatthewheelA mere two days after the NEFMC received its first look at the proposals being generated by its whiting advisory panel and whiting committee, Gloucester commission members raised concerns over the impact the proposals could have on the city’s whiting fleet — particularly the small boats. “We should not allow any other species to go under limited access,” said commission member Angela Sanfilippo, also the president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association. “This is a healthy stock and I am totally against limited access.” Sanfilippo’s views were echoed by member Joe Orlando and Chairman Mark Ring. The three proposals to potentially limit access to the fishery are contained in currently being developed by the council. The council’s whiting committee hopes to furnish a more finished product at the council’s next meeting in late January. The city fisheries commission, however, wasn’t waiting around for the council staff’s final analysis. It voted 6-0 to oppose any attempts to limit access to Ipswich Bay for the local whiting fleet. Read the story here 08:49

NEFMC Press Release: Council Approves 2017 US/Canada TACs; hears FW 56 progress

us-canadian-tacsNEFMC approves the 2017 total allowable catch for three groundfish stocks on Georges Bank. The agreement sets the shared TAC at 730 metric tons.The U.S. will be allowed to take 146 metric tons and Canada will get the rest.  Read the rest here 17:31

“Corrupt” goings on? Fishery council decision endangers scallop stock

PewOutdoor writer Bill Biswanger received a letter from Jason Colby, who is a charter-boat captain and sits on the board of directors for non-commercial fishermen here in Massachusetts about the nasty — he calls it “corrupt” — goings-on in the scallop fishery. He told me how Eddie Welch, a shellfish advisor, had written to him about the problem down on the Cape and wanted to share this with me and the readers. Here are excerpts from his letter: “A recent controversial decision to open select scallop grounds off the coast of New England to certain select fishing groups undermines sustainable scallop management, and threatens the future health of one of the region’s most valuable resources. Read the rest here 08:48

Fishermen Plan Demonstration during NEFMC Meeting in Plymouth Wednesday, 2 to 4 p.m.

The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance is the group spearheading Wednesday’s demonstration, which is scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. outside the fisheries council meeting at the Radisson hotel on Water Street in Plymouth. Stephen Welch, who lives in Hanover and fishes out of Scituate and Hyannis, plans to be at Wednesday’s demonstration. “I used to have two boats and eight employees. Now I have one boat and one employee,” said Welch, a member of Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, a fishermen-led organization. Read the rest here 07:52

NEFMC Scientific and Statistical Committee Meeting Sept 1, 2015 – Listen Live

NEFMC SidebarThe public is invited to listen in to the September 1, 2015 Scientific and Statistical Committee Meeting (SSC). It is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport, 100 Boardman Street. Webinar Registration: For online access to the meeting – Click here to register and listen,  The webinar will be activated beginning at 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 6:00 p.m. EST. Click here to read the Agenda. For more info, Click here 16:57

NEFMC Approve Some Habitat Changes – blocks no-fishing zone for scientific research on Stellwagen Bank

Federal fishery regulators say they will keep much-debated protections for Cashes Ledge in the 100_1407in place as part of a broad effort to alter the scope of New England’s fishing grounds. Peter Baker, director of northeast U.S. Oceans for Pew Charitable Trusts, said that with the recent approvals, the council remains “on a course to eliminate thousands of square miles of important fish habitat areas” in favor of commercial fishing concerns. He said the council has ignored conservationists’ (shrugs shoulders),,, Read the rest here 20:48

NEFMC Votes to Keep Cashes Ledge Closed

cashes ledge closedFederal fishery regulators are keeping protections of Cashes Ledge in the Gulf of Maine as part of a broad effort to alter the scope of New England’s fishing grounds. The ledge is an underwater mountain and offshore ecosystem mostly closed to fishing that environmentalists have ardently opposed reopening. The New England Fishery Management Council says its protections will stay. The council is meeting Thursday to approve a long-awaited plan for federal waters from Maine to Rhode Island. Read the rest here 16:03

Mainer Mary Beth Nickell-Tooley’s vote disallowed on NEFMC, What about John Pappalardo’s?

Mary Beth Nickell-Tooley, an at-large member from Maine since 2008, was informed Wednesday by NOAA Attorney Adviser Mitch MacDonald she “may not vote during the Council’s final deliberations on Habitat Amendment alternatives that open or close areas to fishing nor on the final vote to approve the Habitat Amendment for submission to NMFS.” Nickell-Tooley’s recusal served as a backdrop for another inquiry from , who operates the Saving Seafood website, whether council member John Pappalardo should have received a similar order for recusal. Read the rest here 08:45

Fishery science dispute front and center at storm shortened NEFMC meetings

gdt iconThe New England Fishery Management Council cancelled Tuesday’s session of the upcoming meetings in Portsmouth, N.H., but still holds out hope it will be able to squeeze much of the three-day agenda into Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. If that is the case, the final item could be the most contentious: Northeast Fisheries Science Center Director Bill Karp’s report on NOAA Fisheries’ stock assessment process and modeling program. Read the rest here 11:45

UPDATED!! NEFMC – Revised Council Meeting Agenda!

NEFMC SidebarDear Interested Parties: Because of the winter storm that is headed to New England, the Council leadership has reorganized the previously distributed agenda. The meeting will now be held in Portsmouth, NH from late afternoon on Wednesday, Jan. 28th, through Thursday, January 29th. Also, a number of items have been eliminated and will be addressed at a future date. Please see the new agenda REV.agenda_Jan2015 for details  or check our website www.nefmc.org, under Council Meetings. 15:08

Reminder – NEFMC, Notice of Public Hearings for Habitat Amendment 2

NEFMC SidebarThis is a reminder that there are still five Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2 public hearings scheduled before the comment period for this action ends on January 8, 2015. The remaining hearings will be held in New Bedford and Gloucester, MA, Newport News, VA, and in Brewer and Portland, ME. A webinar is scheduled for Monday, January 5, for those who cannot attend any of the hearings. Information here,, Public Hearing Doc here 16:50

NEFMC and MAFMC propose new bycatch reporting system for Northeast fisheries

NEFMC SidebarMAFMC SidebarThe Mid-Atlantic and New England fishery management councils jointly proposed the revision. They want the revision to apply to all 13 fishery management plans in the area. The proposal involves not only a standardized reporting and monitoring method, but also new procedures for observers, new set-asides and more. It would change the way NMFS operates framework adjustments. It covers 40 species and 14 types of fishing gear. Read the rest here 22:40

New England: NEFMC, Notice of Public Hearings for Habitat Amendment 2

NEFMC SidebarDear Council Members and Interested Parties: Please note we have has updated the public hearing notice – REVhabitat.mtg_notice.pdf –  1. The Gloucester meeting has been moved to a new location; and  2.  The public hearing document is available online for those who were not able to access it previously – NEFMC_Habitatpublichearing doc.pdf. Patricia M. Fiorelli, Public Affairs Officer, NEFMC [email protected] 19:31

Massachusetts: At Large Seat on NEFMC- Needs to be filled – Applications due Dcember 1

NEFMC SidebarInterested in serving on the New England Fishery Management Council? Applications are due 12/1:  09:34

Editorial: Fishery panel (NEFMC) holds chance to show need for reforms

130307_GT_ABO_BULLARD_1Angela Sanfilippo,,, violates standards of Magnuson-Stevens that require NOAA to consider the economic impact on fishing communities.,,And given the secrecy of the “unscheduled” study, there are more questions than ever about NOAA’s use of the “best available science” ,, Read the rest here 09:43

Tom Dempsey Resigns from the NEFMC

dempsey I’m writing to tell you that I’ve accepted a new job and, for that reason, have resigned as a member of the New England Fishery Management Council.  I’ll be working with The Nature Conservancy’s Sustainable Fisheries Initiative in California,,, Read the rest here 08:24

UPDATED! Don’t whisper a word, but, a very, very interesting rumor is floating about!

We have received word from the guys out back in the shipping/receiving department of Fisherynation, that someone has supposedly resigned from the effective immediately and will be helping fishermen out through the Nature Conservancy! My most reliable contact on the inside wouldn’t budge. We have heard who it is, but until we see something “official” our lips are sealed. 16:35 UPDATED 18:42 Dempsey Resigns, Takes position with Nature Conservancy! Read the tea leaf in the comment section!

Live Streaming Informatio​n – NEFMC Scientific and Statistica​l Committee Meeting, October 20, 2014

NEFMC SidebarThe public is invited to listen in to the New England Fishery Management Council’s SSC Meeting on Monday, October 20, 2014 Time:  8:30 a.m. The webinar will be activated beginning at 8:00 a.m. and end at approximately 6:00 p.m. Meeting Materials: here  Webinar registration here 11:52

Live Streaming NEFMC EBFM Committee’s Plan Development Team meeting Oct. 15, 09:00

NEFMC SidebarThe notice announcing the EBFM Committee’s Plan Development Team meeting, Oct. 15 EBFM Plan Development Team Meeting, has been revised to accommodate the details about live-streaming for anyone interested. Please note, this is a listen-in only opportunity. The agenda is here, and  posted on the NEFMC’s website here . Online access, click here 14:35

New England: Fisheries research collaborative calls for new regional projects

The University of New Hampshire-led Northeast Consortium has been selected to lead a new collaborative research initiative on the groundfish stocks and groundfish fishery in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank. The NEFMC stated in announcing the new funding initiative, “The NEC’s excellent track record over the course of 14 years speaks for itself.  Read the rest here 09:01

NEFMC Groundfish Oversight Committee meet’s today to discuss shutting down the Cod fishery

nefmc logoThe New England Fishery Management Council is working on new management measures for the fish. The full council will consider the ground fish committee’s recommendation at its meeting later this month. Read the rest here 07:56

A Big One! NEFMC Groundfish Committee Meeting – Wed. and Thurs. September 17-18, 2014 – Listen Live

nefmc logo The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. each day at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, 363 Maine Mall Road, South Portland, ME 04106. Webinar Registration: For online access to the meeting, please click here Meeting Materials: Please consult the Council’s website by clicking here You will find an agenda and copies of the materials to be considered.  Questions? call Pat Fiorelli (978) 465-0492 ext. 106, or email at [email protected]. Read this letter from David Pierce, Deputy Director NEFMC. Background, Serious Trouble Read it here Gulf of Maine Cod Stock Status and Needed Action 16:57