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F/V Western Breeze has been raised

A Newport fishing vessel featured on a spinoff of the documentary series “Deadliest Catch” is back on top of the water, and presumably bound for dry dock, after sinking at the Port Dock 5 fuel dock on Thursday. The Western Breeze is owned by Gary Ripka, who also operates the similarly painted, smaller F/V Redeemer, and in 2016 was featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove,” a Newport-based spinoff of the Emmy-winning series. Ripka purchased the Western Breeze, previously named Miss Melanie, as a bank repossession and rebuilt it, according to a testimonial on the Oregon Coast Bank website. Photos, >click to read< 07:27

Power to Port Dock 5 has been restored. F/V Western Breeze still on the bottom

12:03pm: Report of someone falling into the Yaquina River at Port Dock 5 in downtown Newport.  Fire-Rescue and the Coast Guard are racing to the scene. 12:09pm: Unconfirmed report that a fishing boat leaned over in one direction, tossing occupant(s) into the river.  The boat now has no one aboard.  Reports from the scene say the boat is the Western Breeze. Photos, >click to read< 12:50

Newport Fishing Vessel sinking at Port Dock 5

At 12:02 PM on Thursday, June 9, 2022, Newport Fire Department was dispatched to a report of vessel sinking at Port Dock 5 on Newport’s Bay front. Upon arrival, units observed a commercial fishing vessel tied up near the fuel dock listing to its port side and sinking in water. After ensuring no lives were at risk, fire crews worked with officials from the Port of Newport and USCG Yaquina Bay to set containment and absorbing buoys around the vessel. The cause of the vessel sinking was under investigation. Representatives of the vessel owner are working with Port of Newport Officials to raise the vessel.  >click to read< 19:36

Oregon: From the boat to the food truck

It’s a family affair for David and Amabelle Kimball, who own and operate Oregon Fishmongers, a food truck that serves Newport and Waldport. Their children, Gracie, 18, Sven, 17, and Jules, 13, help their parents on the truck, with Gracie taking orders and working the window while Sven and Jules help with cooking. “It’s a lot of fun,” Gracie said. “You can make your own hours and don’t have to work for the man. It’s great.” David worked as a chef for several years all over the country, so he has a background in the culinary field. The family boat, F/V Gracie Arlene, is a commercial vessel based out of Newport. He said opening the food truck was a logical step. >click to read< 17:49

Newport Fishermen’s Wives Preparing for the annual Blessing of the Fleet

It’s that time of year; Newport Fishermen’s Wives have started our planning for our 2022 Blessing of the Fleet. Everyone is welcome to join us. The recent tragedy of losing two lives on the White Swan III show us the importance of community support for our fleet and the loved ones that have lost someone to the sea or worry about losing a loved one to the sea. The Blessing of the Fleet is a community ceremony honoring local fishermen and their families. The blessing is open to any and all who wish to ask blessings on their fishing vessel, charter vessel, pleasure craft or research vessel. >click to read< 11:31

Missing fisherman’s house burns down

Hours after authorities suspended the at-sea search for the captain of a Newport fishing vessel, his Logsden house and an adjacent building caught fire and burned to the ground. The structure fire call came in at 5:13 p.m. Sunday,,, The fire compounded tragedy for a local family. The house and shop, on the site of a Christmas tree farm, were owned by fisherman Mike Morgan, whose boat capsized at around midnight Saturday off the coast of Florence. The body of a crew member, Billie Jo Hooton, was recovered by the U.S. Coast Guard, and a search for Morgan was suspended Sunday morning. >click to read< 13:43

Captain Michael John Morgan of Newport, Oregon has passed away

Michael John Morgan, 68, of Newport, Oregon passed away on March 26, 2022 after his fishing vessel, F/V White Swan III, capsized in the Pacific Ocean. Mike was born in Oakland, California in 1953 to US Coast Guard Lt. Col. Jack Morgan and Beth (both deceased). He would become the oldest of three siblings, followed by Douglas (deceased) and Patricia. At age 12, Mike’s family moved to Newport, when his father was stationed with the Yaquina Bay Coast Guard. Twelve year old Mike took to fishing immediately upon moving to Newport.  Mike’s final resting place is at sea with his F/V White Swan III. >click to read< 11:14

F/V Winona J: Catching up with ‘Deadliest Catch Dungeon Cove’ crew

Captain Mike Retherford Jr. says he’s never been afraid for his life fishing off the Oregon Coast, but he’s witnessed some close calls in his lifetime of commercial fishing. Retherford, his family and crew were featured in the 2016 “Deadliest Catch” spin-off, “Dungeon Cove.” The F/V Winona J is just one of the vessels responsible for the Dungeness crab season’s record-breaking revenue. Video, photos, >click to read< 16:55

Newport Rhode Island’s commercial fishing industry faces challenging times

“Different? How are things different? Just look at it.” Gazing out over the water toward downtown Newport from a dock on Long Wharf, Denny Ingram, the burly captain of Blue Moon, is answering my question with a question. “Nothing’s the way it used to be. Nothing.” We’re standing on the last remaining pier dedicated to the city’s commercial fishing industry. The view is crowded with pleasure boats, mid-rise condos and high-end hotels. When Ingram started fishing nearly 40 years ago, the scene was quite different. Today, all of the businesses serving the commercial fishing industry have evaporated. You can’t even get ice locally. >click to read<  17:21

Commercial Fishermen/Marine Corp Veteran Mark Allen Chase has passed away in Newport, Oregon

Mark Allen Chase passed away on November, 28th 2021, at his home in Newport, Oregon, after a long and courageous battle with Neuroendocrine (carcinoid) cancer. Mark was born on June, 8th 1951, in Bellflower, California to his parents Ted and Shirley Chase. At a young age, Mark joined the Marine Corps and would serve in Vietnam where he earned a purple heart. He carried his patriotism and pride as a veteran with all he accomplished. After his service, His love of the ocean brought him to his 50 year career as a commercial fisherman and his home to Newport, Oregon. He owned and operated the fishing vessel F/V Norma M out of Newport and raised his four children to be avid fishermen as well. >click to read< 16:21

Newport, Oregon: Motor Lifeboat Victory’s last voyage

At about 2 a.m. Wednesday, the 52-foot motor lifeboat Victory left the boathouse at U.S. Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay for the final time — nearly 65 years to the day of when she first arrived in Newport. The storied vessel did not leave under her own power but was towed behind a 47-foot motor lifeboat.,, For decades after arriving in Newport at the end of 1956, she was the station’s workhorse, capable of towing more than 750 tons and holding 40 survivors. She is self-righting and self-bailing and could motor through towering seas in hurricane-force winds, and countless local fisherman and other mariners owe their lives to her crews over the past seven decades. >Video, photos, click to read< 12:11

Reaching Out

I am Kimberly Jo Scott and I am looking for my cousin Wayne Willet. 6 years ago we lost contact. He has lived and worked in Newport for the last 30 years. Mostly on boats. There has been a family emergency and so I need to get ahold of him. Please let me know if you have a contact for him or pass my contact information onto him. Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate any information. My number is 541)321-1029

Newport’s Dory Fleet hopes hopes to survive the massive oil spill

The Dory Fleet is an iconic beachfront business, starting in 1891 when a fisherman started marketing to the public on the beach. These days, four families sell fish as a co-op set right on the sand. As a fourth-generation Dory Fleet fisherman operating there since 1902, Scott Breneman and his family have endured challenging times, even surviving the Great Depression. It’s a business that, like the ocean, has an ebb and flow, facing challenges like ever-changing fishing regulations, shellfish bacteria that can restrict crab and lobster catch, sewage spills and more. “A bunch of stuff out of our control,” he said. “I would be out on the boat fishing right now,” he said. “I can’t get out of the harbor.” >click to read< 19:24

Sara Skamser remembered as trailblazer, innovator in the commercial fishing industry

As news of Sara Skamser’s death spread across the community last week, people were mourning her passing but also celebrating the life of the woman who made such a huge impact in the fishing industry and on everyone who knew her.,, Commenting on a social media post from the Fishermen’s Wives about Skamser’s death, dozens of people shared their sadness and condolences. She was called “gutsy,” “a great teacher,” “a bright light in everything she did,” and “a tough cookie.” One commenter said Skamser was the “trawl goddess of the West Coast and one of the smartest, funniest, concerned, compassionate and generous people you would have ever met.” >click to read<  08:56

Fisherman saved by OSU research vessel when his fishing vessel went down in heavy seas

Frank Akers, 70-year-old owner and operator of the 50-foot F/V Lanola, said he was about 38 miles west of Newport heading eastbound in heavy seas at about 10 p.m. on Aug. 28, when the first of a series of waves collided with his vessel, giving him only minutes to escape. Akers said he believes the first wave that struck the vessel had a log in it because he heard a crash. After the second wave hit, he looked back and saw his stern go under. His bilge alarms went off and he radioed a mayday call. >click to read< 21:06

Newport, Oregon: Fishing vessels collide at sea in thick fog

U.S. Coast Guard crews safely escorted two small fishing vessels, one of which was taking on water, back to the dock after they apparently collided in thick fog about 12 miles offshore early Wednesday morning. The Coast Guard will investigate the cause of the incident, which was called into Station Yaquina Bay shortly after 5 a.m. Both fishing boats, F/V Chief Joseph and F/V Linda were still operable, but the Linda sustained damage to its hull and was taking on water. The Coast Guard crew passed over a pump in case it was needed to keep the fishing vessel afloat. >click to read< 13:54

New ice plant at terminal, Community Ice

After the F/V Evolution took on eight tons of flake ice last Friday, Oct. 16, Ed Backus, general manager of Community Ice, walked out the gangway to thank the captain. It wasn’t the first time the boat filled up at the new ice plant. “It’s good ice,” the News-Times overheard someone on the boat tell Backus. The F/V Evolution is a shrimping boat, mixing in the ice as the shrimp is loaded on board. When delivered, the ice and the shrimp are mixed. “What’s important to a shrimp vessel is that the ice stays cold and loose, so they can shovel it easily when they’re mixing it with the harvested product,” Backus said. >click to read<  18:12

In Newport, a coronavirus outbreak spreads to local economy

Pacific Seafood ceased operations at all five of its Newport plants. The Oregon Health Authority said the outbreak is contained to Lincoln County and that risk to the public is low. But Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer said most of those who tested positive are locals. The town’s economy is hurting again without a major fish buyer and supplier. And businesses are shutting back down to try to slow the spread of the virus. “They live here, they work here, they’re community-based people,” Sawyer said. “And, of course, the problem with that is that people live and work with people that work in other industries.” >click to read< 12:16

UPDATED: 124 cases reported – Pacific Seafood Coronavirus outbreak due to out-of-state workers, say former employees

James Nelson, a 10-year veteran at Pacific Seafood, said he had to quit his job May 8, “due to the COVID-19 virus,” and said he was forced to resign after expressing concern over the company bringing in “100+ migrant workers” from California to process seafood in Newport. Nelson said he would not put his family’s safety in jeopardy because implanting workers from a more contaminated area was too dangerous. He brought his concerns to managerial staff and said some had their own concerns, but they told him the higher-ups made the decisions. >click to read< 09:39

124 coronavirus cases reported at Pacific Seafood facilities in Newport – Pacific Seafood on Sunday disclosed that 124 of its employees and local contractors have tested positive for coronavirus in what is the second largest workplace outbreak of the virus in the state to date. >click to read< 10:43

Back in the Saddle

Former county commissioner Terry Thompson emerged from his first commercial fishing expedition since his stroke four months ago with a heavy haul of ling cod destined for a premier seafood restaurant in Newport. Flashing the familiar Thompson grin, Terry said he had plenty to smile about — his emerging victory over stroke, the return to fishing, the miracle that saved his best friend’s life and unexpected recognition. >click to read<10:17

BREAKING: Doomed captain was responsible for at-sea mishaps, possible assault

The saga of a captain who appeared to be neither a proper master of his ships nor his own impulses is unfolding at a Coast Guard hearing in Newport, with testimony giving details about the man sleeping at the wheel, using marijuana, displaying intoxication and possibly assaulting another person aboard his boat. Investigators earlier in the week revealed Biernacki had methamphetamines and alcohol in his system when he died. >click to read<17:37

Hand on doomed Oregon boat texted, called wife before deathclick to read<08:38

On Mothers Day – A mother’s cry for help while she tries to save her son…

A message from a very concerned mother… Alex Ashton is my 22 year old son who was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in October 2018. He took a leave of absence from work to receive treatment over the following 6 months. Since the chemo ended he went back to work but recently we found out through a PET scan that the cancer is still there and Alex is now receiving treatment farther from home at OHSU in Portland. Alex is unable to work. We need to make numerous trips to OHSU and to relocate to Portland for at least a month so Alex can receive a Stem Cell Transplant. We also need to maintain our home in Newport so we have a place to come to when Alex’s treatment is complete. >click to read, and donate if you can<14:01

Blessing of the Fleet is May 5 in Newport

The Newport Fishermen’s Wives will once again be sponsoring an event that has become a strong tradition in Newport’s fishing community called the Blessing of the Fleet.,,, This year’s blessing will be on Sunday, May 5, in conjunction with Newport Loyalty Day & Sea Fair Festival. The Newport Fishermen’s Wives are focusing this year’s events on the importance of safety. Fishing is the most dangerous occupation in the United States. The fisherman safety and survival training is essential to ensure fishermen can respond to emergencies while at sea and save lives. >click to read<12:52

Oregon: Coast Guard offers safety training for commercial fishermen

Dungeness crab season is approaching and soon commercial fisherman will be out on the dangerous waters, so the Coast Guard is offering marine safety and survival training for them. The agency says they have five different two-day training sessions scheduled on the Oregon Coast over the next couple of months. Training is designed for commercial fishermen and will provide them hands-on experience with safety equipment and emergency drills. >click to read<17:50

Bi-Partisan effort to keep open permanently Newport, Charleston Coast Guard air bases

“We remain extremely concerned about Coast Guard air facilities in the high-use ports of Newport, Oregon and Charleston, South Carolina,” the four lawmakers wrote Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation; the committee’s ranking member Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.); Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), chair of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure; and the House committee’s ranking member, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.).  click here to read the letter 13:09

Newport Coast Guard Helicopter funding looks promising – not a done deal, but close

Encouraging news out of Washington DC that a two year extension of funding for the Coast Guard rescue helicopter base at Newport Airport has been approved by a vote of both Democrat and Republican members of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The vote is but another step toward ultimate approval by the whole Congress. click here to read the story 18:28

Telling it like it is – Lack of salmon passage hurts fishermen

To keep producing swimming pool water, green lawns and golf courses in the desert you have to kill wild and hatchery salmon and California is not slowing down one bit. I want you to name one dam built in Idaho that has a working fish ladder, or was built with the intent to have a fish ladder but got a senatorial dispensation to forgo that cost. Why shouldn’t Idaho Power and ratepayers pay to keep salmon from extinction? There is no free lunch in energy production, and you fail to mention that Oregon taxpayers are still on the hook for renewable energy tax forgiveness to foreign companies who have so many tax credits they sold them to other mega-national companies to reduce their state taxes. I live here. I have paid my dues. I am going to be asked by the liberal bunch of legislators to cover up their give-aways with higher taxes so they can give raises to the poor public employees whose pension and health care costs have become a considerable burden to everyone who lives and works in Oregon. The money should have been there but the Blue State power broker Democrats sold us out to have environmental cred on the record. No Oregon troller can now fish south of the south Jetty at Florence on the Siuslaw River to the California border. It is impacting all the commercial and recreational fishing from Brookings to Winchester Bay. John Thomas Jr., F/V Solimar, Newport, Ore.   Click here to read it. It’s real good, too. 19:31

Oregon and South Carolina lawmakers protect U.S. Coast Guard air stations in Newport and in Charleston

A provision included in the U.S. Coast Guard Reauthorization Act of 2015 will keep the air station in Newport open for at least two more years. U.S. Coast Guard air stations in Newport and in Charleston, South Carolina, would be protected for another two years under a bill moving through Congress. Oregon and South Carolina lawmakers had won a one-year reprieve for the air stations after the Coast Guard targeted the posts last year for closure because of budget constraints. Read the article here 15:44

Astoria drops below Newport in commercial catch

EP-151029749.jpg&MaxW=600Astoria slipped below Newport last year as the dominant West Coast port for commercial fishing. Newport landed 124 million pounds of commercial fish, the 11th highest mark by quantity in the nation, while Astoria netted 122 million pounds, the 12th highest. Westport, Washington, came in at 100 million pounds, or 13th highest. The catch figures were released today by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which compiles an annual fisheries report that includes the quantity and value of commercial fishery landings. Read the rest here 16:58

Oregon – Brookings, Newport lead Dungeness crab totals – ranks sixth in the last 15 years.

Preliminary numbers show landings in excess of 18.1 million pounds for the season, which officially ended Wednesday. The record, set back in the 2004-05 season, stands at 33.7 million pounds. In the most recent 10-year period, Oregon  landings have averaged 20.3 million pounds annually. [email protected] 14:19