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Why is Ottawa drawing a blank on Georges Bank?

The productivity of this bank is witnessed by the largest year class of haddock (2010) that has been recorded in the last 50 years. You would think that governments responsible for managing this unique ocean area would want to protect it from . A blowout similar to the recent Deep Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico would be devastating to many fishing communities in southwestern Nova Scotia and New England. Eighty per cent of Georges Bank lies in American waters. Read the rest here 11:30

Norigs 3 Coalition wants action on Georges Bank moratorium – more than just verbal assurances

Asked by this newspaper about the federal government’s position on the issue of mirror legislation to extend the moratorium to 2022, the response from the federal department of Natural Resources was this: “There is currently a federal policy moratorium on all oil and gas activity on Georges Bank until 2015. This complements a provincial statutory moratorium that runs until 2022.The extension of the policy moratorium until 2015 was a joint decision between the federal Minister of Natural Resources and the Nova Scotia Minister of Energy,” said department spokesperson Joshua Kirkey. [email protected] VANGUARD