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Ken Cuccinelli’s post-politics endeavor: oyster farming

After losing an election, some politicians become lobbyists. Others immediately begin running for another office. Cuccinelli helped start an oyster farm on , in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Praised on Fox News, scoffed at by “The Daily Show,” the outspoken conservative now seems focused on creating a new source of sustainable jobs for people on Tangier. And on how the oysters taste. Read the rest 21:50

A New Bounty of Oysters in Maryland, but There Is a Snag

The booming oyster business has come into conflict with the watermen of this region, who argue that the cages used to cultivate oysters are a menace to fishing lines and crab pots, Read the rest here 07:47

Laura Ward trades in art career for life of oyster farming

Lifelong artist turned oyster farmer Laura Ward has been operating her oyster farm, Fox Point Oysters, in Little Bay for the past three years. The Dover resident’s new career as a mollusc farmer was unexpected considering her original career path as a professional sculptor, woodworker and glassblower. Read more here 09:43

Oyster farming down to a science on the scenic shores of Mobjack Bay in Gloucester County, Va

On the scenic shores of Mobjack Bay in Gloucester County, oysters are being farmed by the millions. John Vigliotta owns one of the largest caged-oyster companies in the state, taking oysters from microscopic eggs to 3-inch cage-grown market beauties in the space of a year or two. Typically, oysters can take up to three years to reach market size. continued