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The US Fishing Industry Contributes Nearly $90 Billion To The Economy

The Hamilton Project notes that “current policies do not capitalize on the full economic potential of U.S. fisheries, ( World Bank and EDF/Pew Nature Con have figured out how to skim the cream) nor do they guarantee their ecological sustainability.” (Because we know  privatization saves not one fish!) Read more from the Vultures at the Hamilton Project, Making money the old fashioned way. Screwing people out of it! Read it here 19:54

Some Dangerous People will Assemble on September 10, 2014, and you should be aware of this.

Casting the Net: A More Efficient Approach to U.S. Fisheries Management – The Brookings Institution – Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin will open the forum. discussion paper by economist Christopher Costello of the University of California, Santa Barbara, joined by Lee Crockett, Director of U.S. Oceans at the Pew Charitable Trusts; Amanda Leland, Vice President of Oceans at the Environmental Defense Fund; John Pappalardo, Executive Director of the Cape Cod Commercial Fisherman’s Alliance; and Captain Steve Tomeny of Steve Tomeny Charters. Read this.     Read the rest here  20:22