New Zealand fishing crew pleads guilty to violent Falkland Islands pub assault – Face two years in prison

They were part of a Sanford crew fishing on the San Aspiring in the South Atlantic Ocean since February, and were due to be repatriated when the assaults occurred. The court was told the men, Sonny Ball, Samuel Goldsworthy, and Chassy Duncan, indiscriminately assaulted a group of customers in a bar after they were refused service because the premises was closed for the night. Penguin News deputy editor Roddy Cordeiro was in court and said five patrons were hospitalised, including one with a broken wrist, after the violent assaults. During the attack, one of the defendants struck a woman who was cowering on the floor and another patron was struck with a glass. The trio were denied bail because of the unprovoked nature of the attack and will be sentenced later this month. >click to read< 13:14

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