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Lobster wars

Burned out fishing boats, thousands of pounds of dumped, dead lobsters and allegations of a booming black market for the popular crustacean have drawn federal investigators to Nova Scotia’s most lucrative fishing grounds in the lead-up to lobster season. Tensions have been running high in recent weeks along the small wharves in the communities that dot St. Mary’s Bay, a well-known breeding ground for lobsters during the summer. While conservation laws prevent lobster fishers from harvesting the shellfish during breeding season in order to safeguard stocks, stunned locals watched thousands of pounds of lobsters that appeared to be commercial loads pass over their docks though the summer months. click here to read the story 10:53

RCMP investigating two suspicious boat fires in southwestern Nova Scotia

The most recent incident occurred on Monday, Oct. 9 when the Buck and Doe fishing vessel was reported missing from the Comeauville Wharf in Comeauville, Digby County.,,, A few days earlier, on Oct. 5 at 7:44 a.m., a fire was reported aboard the Amanda’s Pride 1. The vessel had been docked at the slip in Weymouth North. The RCMP say an initial investigation determined that something was put in the engine hatch, which caused the fire. click here to read the story 16:42

Lobster boat torched amid tensions in Nova Scotia – Alex McDonald said he gets along well with non-Indigenous lobster fishermen in the area and doesn’t believe any of them are to blame. “I know the other fishermen so I don’t believe it was my fellow fishermen that fish beside me. click here to read the story

Indigenous fisherman’s boat vanishes after wharf fire in Saulnierville, N.S.

When Alex McDonald arrived at Comeauville wharf in Saulnierville, N.S., Monday afternoon and saw his fishing boat was missing, he said he was “stunned.” The part of the wharf where McDonald’s boat — Buck and Doe —  had been tied up was burned and the seven thick ropes that kept it there were also burned off. “It’s obvious they burnt it off because they couldn’t untie it. Whoever did it, it was well planned, they had to come there with torches to burn that rope off,” said McDonald. “There had to be more than person and then they would have towed the boat out or they would have hotwired it.” click here to read the story 19:00

The story behind an alleged fraud worth millions in Nova Scotia’s lobster industry

In June of 2015, three men stepped out of a summer day thick with flies and into the Beaverdam Lake, N.S., cottage of lobster dealer Wayne Banks. It wasn’t a casual visit. They had arrived unannounced at his doorstep, claiming that in the space of about 10 days someone had ripped them off to the tune of $1.6 million. “Have a seat, you fellas,” said Banks. “I think I know why you’re here. But there ain’t nothing I can tell you.” The secret recording of that conversation, later provided to CBC News by one of the men, offers a glimpse into a large alleged fraud case, one that reveals the money and high stakes at play in Canada’s most lucrative lobster industry. Only later would local RCMP team up with the federal serious and organized crime unit to launch a joint investigation into what they called a complex criminal operation, one some feared could have broader ramifications to the industry. But on that June day two years ago, one name threaded its way through the conversation — Wayne Banks’s younger brother, convicted fraudster Terry Banks.”How many families get destroyed because of Terry f–king Banks again?” said one of the visiting men in exasperation. “I don’t understand why Terry’s still alive. I don’t.” Big Story. Click here to read it 08:06

Lobster thefts: Three facing charges in $3M international fraud and theft case click here  Charges laid after lobster theft investigation click here  RCMP concludes investigation into local and international lobster theft and fraudRCMP click here

4 men charged in $1M Canada Day lobster heist

Four men have been charged in the theft of $1 million worth of lobster in northern New Brunswick company on Canada Day, say RCMP. Police believe the lobster theft is connected to a larger crime ring targeting cargo shipments in Quebec and New Brunswick, Cpl. Alice Desroches said in a news release on Tuesday. On July 1, a transport truck was stolen from Eco-Technologies Ltd. in Caraquet, N.B., said Desroches. The truck was then used to steal a refrigerated unit filled with frozen lobster from LeBreton and Sons Fisheries Ltd. in Grand-Anse, N.B., she said. continue reading the story here 10:27

Lobster thieves are back at work in Nova Scotia — two fishing boats were hit a week apart.

RCMP Const. Rob James says the first cache of crustaceans was taken from a boat tied up alongside the wharf in Port Mouton on Feb. 12. Another 135 kilograms was taken in a similar fashion at the same wharf on Feb. 18, bringing the total amount of stolen lobster up to 270 kilograms, worth about $6,000. James says it’s not clear if there’s a connection between the two thefts, and it’s not unusual to see people try to make off with the pricey delicacies. In an incident last January, police say 48 crates of live lobster were stolen from an outdoor pound at a business on Cape Sable Island. The theft followed a similar incident in late 2015, when 14 crates of lobster were stolen from a secure compound on Morris Island near Yarmouth, N.S. Link 15:54

UPDATED: 2 lobster fishermen drown, 1 survives when boat capsized this morning near Bathurst, N.B.

Two commercial lobster fishermen drowned early on Thursday in the Bay of Chaleur off Miller Brook Wharf, near Bathurst, N.B., when their boat capsized. The bodies of the two drowned fishermen have been recovered. A third fisherman survived and was treated at hospital and released. The drowning victims are a 45-year-old man from Bathurst and a 67-year-old man from Salmon Beach. The man who survived was a 47-year-old man from Salmon Beach. RCMP responded to a call about a capsized fishing boat at 5:15 a.m. on Thursday. Fishermen on a nearby boat retrieved the bodies of the two dead men. Link 12:18 Our hearts and prayers go out to the family, friends and loved ones of Darren Cole, 45 from Bathurst and Garnet Dickson, 67, from Salmon Beach. 15:25

Woman found dead on a fishing boat in Westport

Digby RCMP are currently investigating the death of a woman in Westport. RCMP received a 911 call about 5 p.m. Dec. 22, which led police to a fishing vessel at a public wharf in Westport. RCMP found a 20-year-old female deceased on the boat. Digby RCMP Cpl. Sean Boulger said the death is unexplained. “We are trying to figure out how she came to be on that boat,” he said. “The community is cooperating and obviously this is very upsetting for the family.” The family of the deceased woman has been notified.  Read the article here 10:53

Big lobster heist from a secure compound on Morris Island near Yarmouth

Police in Nova Scotia are investigating after 1,400 pounds of live lobster were stolen from a secure compound. The RCMP said 14 crates of lobsters were stolen from the compound on f on Morris Island near Yarmouth. Each crate contained 100 pounds of lobster. The lobsters were taken between 5 p.m. on Monday and 9 a.m. on Tuesday, police said in a release. Const. Kerri Chartrand said the lobsters were being held at a fish plant when they were stolen. They were definitely not freed, she added. Read the article here 10:20

RCMP investigating death on a fishing vessel – To be Updated

The RCMP in Bonavista is investigating a death that occurred on a fishing vessel at sea on Friday. There’s no word yet on where the incident happened. Police said there are limited details available, and that several agencies are currently investigating. The RCMP is waiting for the boat to return to port to get more information. cbcnews 08:23

Shiprider agreement – U.S. Coast Guard ,RCMP the power to board ships make arrests in Canadian or American waters.

Canada and the U.S. signed an agreement Tuesday that removes the international maritime boundary as a barrier to law enforcement. The Eastern Region International Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement Operations, also known as Shiprider, gives the U.S. Coast Guard and the RCMP the power to board ships and make arrests, whether in Canadian or American waters. Read more here cbcnews 06:02

RCMP are seeking the public’s help in solving a canned clam caper in Le Goulet, N.B. (at least they left the canned seal meat behind) whew!

stolen-sea-watch-canned-clamsGetAttachmentPolice say 360 cans of Sea Watch brand clams were stolen from a warehouse on Basile-Roussel Road. [email protected]! 16:14

No charges in probe of fishery firm

RCMP have concluded a four-year investigation into the Shubenacadie Band’s fishery without laying charges. Fisheries and Oceans Canada contacted the police in 2009 to look into the management of a contribution agreement between the department and the band. The deal, signed in 2005 and awash in controversy, gave a band-operated company $5 million for a commercial fishery and covered the purchase of gear, boats, licences and other items. [email protected]

First of nine new COAST GUARD Hero Class vessels unveiled in Sarnia

RCMP officials have a new tool to stop crossborder smuggling and human trafficking across the Great Lakes. Canada’s Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield unveiled the first of nine new Hero Class mid-shore patrol vessels in a ceremony at the Sarnia Government Dock Tuesday. continued

Update: RCMP confirm Miss Ally found – divers readying for mission

RCMP in Woods Harbour confirmed the overturned hull of Miss Ally was sighted by one of the planes patrolling the area around 10 a.m Saturday morning.   All the information we have right now is coming from aerial surveillance,”  said the source.   It’s anticipated the coast guard ship Sir Williams Alexander is now on the site and the condition of the Miss Ally will be assessed  The overturned fishing boat was rediscovered after two days of finding nothing but debris and open ocean. Read more Updated Read more

RCMP – Debris all that remains of missing fishermen’s boat spotted about 10 nautical miles east of F/V Miss Ally’s last know position

A search of the area where five fishermen are believed to have perished after their boat overturned in stormy seas off Nova Scotia has turned up nothing but scattered debris. Three Department of National Defence aircraft patrolled the area of the Miss Ally’s last known position Thursday morning and afternoon, following a plea from the families of the missing men to continue the search. A Canadian Armed Forces CC130 Search and Rescue Hercules aircraft joined aircraft from Transport Canada, and Provincial Airlines to patrol an area measuring more than 1,700 square kilometres. There was no sighting of the capsized hull of the boat that had previously been spotted by the Canadian Coast Guard. Read more