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Canada’s cocaine cowboys: How a two-year RCMP sting led all the way to Mexican kingpin El Chapo

It was March 12, 2015, and Stephen Tello was having second thoughts. The following day he was due to meet a man called Joe at a steakhouse in Toronto. Joe was a transportation broker who, for the right price, had told Tello he could smuggle huge amounts of cocaine into Canada. He could have drugs collected at sea in the Caribbean, he said, before swapping them onto fishing trawlers closer to Newfoundland, for safe passage to harbour. The two had met before, but their first deal hadn’t worked out. Now Tello, who lived a double life as a Toronto real estate,,, >click to read< 11:56

Former fish-plant owners lose lawsuit, Daley Brothers’ plant was burned down in a riot by fishermen

On May 2, 2003, arson destroyed Les Fruits de Mer Shippagan Ltée, along with some traps for snow crab fishing, a warehouse, and a crab processing plant. Three Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada boats, on loan to Elsipogtog First Nation, as well as another boat, also burned up that day.,, Hundreds of angry fishermen from the Acadian Peninsula were involved in the riots, which began as a protest against the federal government’s move to reduce their crab quotas to recognize the First Nations’ right to live off fishing., >click to read<  07:56

Boat and 26 chinook seized amid allegations of overfishing off B.C.’s coast by 3 non-residents

Vancouver Island RCMP have seized a nine-metre fishing boat and more than two dozen chinook salmon over what they say are allegations of “significant overfishing.”The RCMP say they received a report Wednesday of possible Fisheries Act violations by those aboard the vessel on the west side of Vancouver Island near Nootka Sound. In a news release, police allege officers with the Fisheries Department found more than two dozen chinook salmon, about 24 kilograms of salmon roe, 18 rock cod fillets and eight ling cod fillets. >click to read<  19:39

Little is clear in assault trial stemming from Ecum Secum lobster boat ramming

Jesse Aprey is having a hard time convincing anyone he beat up Blair Fleet. “What if I suggest to you that given the lack of detail you have provided about the assault that it was Austin Chambers and Tanya Chambers that told you to go to the RCMP station (and turn yourself in),”,,, Asprey isn’t charged with the May 14, 2018 assault of Blair Fleet in his Ecum Secum yard over a lobster fishing feud. Austin Chambers and his son Terrance are.  >click to read<  09:41

Stolen lobster discovered in back of broken-down van, police say

Three men from the Charlottetown area are facing charges in connection with the theft of more than $25,000 worth of live P.E.I. lobster, RCMP say.
Sgt. Chris Gunn of the Kings District RCMP said the lobster was discovered when an RCMP officer stopped to help a cube van that had broken down on the side of the road in Shediac, N.B. Gunn said police had received a call the morning of June 27 of a break, enter and theft from LOL Seafood’s storage facility in Murray Harbour, P.E.I. >click to read< 09:30

Big brawl in Little Harbour over lobster fishing grounds

The Eastern Shore’s lobster fishery has once again been marred by violence. On Saturday afternoon RCMP responded to a brawl in Little Harbour stemming from a longstanding dispute between two families over lobster fishing grounds. “The dispute resulted in two men going to the home of another man to confront him,” reads the RCMP account of the fight. “Two more men arrived, and a physical altercation ensued, with some of the parties involved using weapons, including a wrench, a golf club, and a baseball bat.” Video, >click to read<08:48

Continuing search for P.E.I. fisherman to be done by drone

The search for a missing Island fisherman will be mainly done by drone from here on out, but there won’t be much activity today, RCMP said. Jordan Hicken went overboard while fishing out of Naufrage Harbour early last Tuesday morning. RCMP, coast guard and community volunteers have been searching ever since. The RCMP say they plan to continue to monitor the situation but won’t have a big presence in Naufrage on Monday said Staff Sgt. Howard Fitzpatrick. >click to read<10:25

P.E.I. RCMP, Naufrage Harbour fishing community still searching for missing fisherman – “It’s great support,” said Hicken’s great-aunt Lillian MacKenzie, who joined the ground search on Saturday. “People care. They’re all one big happy family here, all the fishermen.” “It’s gut-wrenching for the family,”,,, Local fishermen in the search areas have been keeping an eye on the waters as they continue working. “We’re all keeping our eyes open and safety measures have improved,” said 27-year fishing veteran Ian MacKinnon who docks his boat “Y’Knot” in Naufrage Harbour. “I put PFDs in the boat. We wear them from now on.” >click to read<

Ground search team back to assist in locating missing Island fisherman

There will be a lot of activity Sunday in the search for a missing Island fisherman, RCMP say. Jordan Hicken was lost while fishing out of Naufrage Harbour early Tuesday morning. The rescue effort was called off Tuesday evening and RCMP took it over as a missing persons case. P.E.I. Ground Search and Rescue took the day off Friday and Saturday but is back out Sunday in full force helping community volunteers. “There will be quite a bit of activity,” said RCMP Staff Sgt. Howard Fitzpatrick. The team has expanded the search area, Fitzpatrick said. >click to read<12:41

Volunteer force in search for fisherman expected to grow over weekend

The official search for a P.E.I. fisherman who went overboard off the North Shore was scaled back Friday but RCMP still saw a strong turnout of community volunteers. Jordan Hicken was lost while fishing out of Naufrage Harbour early Tuesday morning. The rescue effort was called off Tuesday evening and RCMP took it over as a missing person case.”They have actually had a chance to get two dives into the area [Friday] morning without success.” The dive team suspended its search until further notice around 5 p.m.>click to read<19:37

Search for missing fisherman ‘a needle in a haystack’ say P.E.I. RCMP

RCMP and P.E.I. Ground Search and Rescue wrapped up its search for the day for Jordan Hicken late Thursday afternoon with no sign of the missing P.E.I. fisherman. Hicken went overboard from his fishing boat off Naufrage, on the Island’s North Shore, early Tuesday morning. RCMP Staff Sgt. Howard Fitzpatrick said search and rescue teams are done for the day Thursday, and they are still figuring out how to proceed. >click to read<16:58

Search for missing fisherman will be weather-dependent Thursday

RCMP say the extent of the search Thursday for missing fisherman Jordan Hicken will depend on the weather. Hicken, 22, from Montague, went overboard while fishing off Naufrage early Tuesday morning on his father’s boat the Plum Crazy, RCMP said. Poor conditions limited Wednesday’s search to the shorelines. Weather improved later in the day and had raised hopes of getting back on the water Thursday but RCMP say that decision will be made once conditions are known. >click to read<20:41

Fisherman search Wednesday will focus on the shore

With the Joint Rescue Centre handing over the search for P.E.I. fisherman Jordan Hicken to RCMP, the search Wednesday is expected to be focused on land. Hicken, a 23-year-old from Montague, went overboard while fishing off Naufrage early Tuesday morning. The coast guard had vessels on the water along with two aircraft, and as many as 60 local boats were involved in the search. The search was called off about 8 p.m. RCMP are taking it over as a missing person case. >click to read< 08:52

Lobster boat destroyed by fire in eastern P.E.I. – Cause of fire has not been determined

A lobster boat was destroyed by fire early Saturday morning at Sturgeon wharf in eastern P.E.I. RCMP say the boat was tied up when the fire began, and crew noticed it when they arrived at the wharf. Police were called at about 4 a.m. Nobody was injured, but police said some of the crew were treated by paramedics at the scene. Investigators believe the fire started in the boat’s cabin. >click<11:06

RCMP says man at helm of out-of-control fishing boat was 5 times the legal limit

A Port Hardy man has been charged in connection with a potentially dangerous incident last Fall. Jason Willie George Walkus faces charges including dangerous operation of a vessel and operating a vessel while impaired. RCMP say Walkus’s blood-alcohol level was 5 times the legal limit. On the morning of November 29th, RCMP received a report that a fishing vessel was being operated in an erratic manner and the operator may be impaired. >click to read<13:51

Paq’tnkek Mi’kmaw Nation mourns 2 young men after fishing boat capsized

Two men from the Paq’tnkek Mi’kmaw Nation have died and a woman was rescued and taken to hospital after their fishing boat capsized Monday afternoon in the waters off Nova Scotia’s Antigonish County, according to RCMP.  They had been out in an oyster fishing boat in rough waters near Bayfield when someone called 911 around 3 p.m. The three people were employed by Paq’tnkekMi’kmaw Nation for oyster fishing. All of them were wearing personal floatation devices, the RCMP said in a statement.  The two men were identified as Ozzy Clair and Niko Clair. >click to read<14:14

Fish processor seethes in court over RCMP actions during Shippagan riots

The former owner of a Shippagan crab processing plant testified Thursday about the damage caused by rioters during the 2003 protests. Newfoundland’s Daley Brothers are suing the RCMP for $38 million, alleging the force didn’t do its job during the fires that destroyed their fish plant, warehouse, several crab fishing boats and hundreds of traps. Hundreds of angry fishermen from the Acadian Peninsula descended on Shippagan that May to protest against the federal government’s move to reduce their crab quotas to recognize First Nations’ right to live off fishing. >click to read<13:30

Fish processor testifies against RCMP over Shippagan riots that destroyed his plant

A Moncton court has begun hearing a lawsuit against the RCMP that alleges the force didn’t do its job during the 2003 riots in Shippagan that destroyed the Daley Brothers fish plant and warehouse, several crab fishing boats and hundreds of traps. Hundreds of angry fishermen from the Acadian Peninsula descended on Shippagan in May 2003 to protest against the federal government’s move to reduce their crab quotas to recognize First Nations’ right to live off fishing. >click to read<14:47

The Official Search ended, but there are boats on the water searching for missing P.E.I Fishermen

The official search on the water for two fishermen missing off North Cape, P.E.I., has ended, but boats from the area will be back on the water continuing their own search Thursday. The Kyla Anne capsized a few kilometres from shore Tuesday afternoon. One crew member made it back to shore, but Glen DesRoches and Maurice (Moe) Getson did not. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre called off its search, which involved coast guard vessels and helicopters, Wednesday evening. That search had continued for hours beyond any chance that the men would be found alive. >click to read<11:30

Ground Search and Rescue mission at North Cape suspended – >click to read<9/21/2018 11:43

Canadian Coast Guard ends search for two P.E.I. fishermen missing off North Cape

The Canadian Coast Guard has called off the search for the two P.E.I. fishermen who went missing after their lobster fishing boat sank off North Cape on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Captain Glen DesRoches, 57, and his longtime helper Maurice (Moe) Getson, 54, have been missing since the vessel “Kyla Anne” sunk near the North Cape reef that afternoon. A third man, 22-year-old Tanner Gaudet, was able to swim safely to shore. The Coast Guard said in a statement that after over 33 hours of searching an area covering around 1,200 square nautical miles, the decision was made to end the search at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. >click to read<23:10

Search ends for missing fishing crew member 250 kilometres northeast of St. Anthony

A search by air and sea for a fishing boat crew member who went missing early Saturday morning in the waters near St. Anthony is over. Joint Task Force Atlantic tweeted Sunday night it’s now a missing person’s case and is in the hands of the RCMP. Joint Task Force Atlantic spokesperson Maj. Amber Binau had said the call came in from crew members of the Precious Jewel fishing vessel on Saturday at around 5 a.m, saying a person had fallen overboard about 250 kilometres northeast of St. Anthony.  Search and rescue crews, including three Canadian Coast Guard ships and other auxiliary vessels, began looking for the crew member right away, she said. The search continued over the weekend. Binau said the person was not wearing a flotation device or survival gear at the time of the incident. >link<20:55

Several agencies still determining details of Beach Point lobster boat collision – A Fundraiser for the Justin MacKay Family

Islanders are coming together to support the family of one of the men killed in a lobster boat collision off Beach Point on Saturday. Justin MacKay, 20-year-old Montague resident, has been identified as one of the victims, while RCMP confirmed on Monday the other victim was a 59-year-old man. RCMP could not say where the 59-year-old was a resident of. A GoFundMe campaign named “Tammy Crossman and family” had raised more than $3,400 by Monday evening to help with funeral costs for MacKay, who graduated from Montague Regional High School (MRHS) last year. >click to read<20:18

Community devastated by boat collision deaths

The community of Murray Harbour is in mourning after two men died during a collision between two fishing boats on Saturday, says a pastor from the area. Pastor Scott Herring, of Murray Harbour Baptist Church, said there’s a feeling of devastation that’s come over the community. Residents are showing their support to one another through phone calls and visits, he said.
“As a congregation, we held prayers for the whole community. People are reaching out to one another to offer supports behind the scenes, it’s happening in different forms,” he said. “But there’s devastation.” >click to read<17:38

N.S. Fishermen call on government officials to crack down on lobster poaching

Bernie Berry glances across the wharf in Digby, N.S., as several fishing boats stop alongside for crews to offload their catch. As the season for this lobster fishing area — one of the most lucrative in Canada — prepares to close on the last day of May, it’s bringing with it a flurry of activity. Berry and others here hope the hustle and bustle of fishing isn’t replaced with negative activity come June 1. “Everyone knows what’s going on,” he said. “This kind of stuff has been going on for years.” >click to read<

Turf War: Eastern Shore lobster fishermen say vandalism, threats continuing

Jason Keating had a buoy on the hauler Saturday morning when another lobster boat steamed slowly by with eight people aboard. “You move your (expletive) gear right now you (expletive),” was shouted at him, among other things, from Colin McKay’s passing cape islander. Keating recorded the interaction with a video camera he’d purchased the night before. In fact at least four of Little Harbour’s eleven fishermen have begun carrying video cameras to record their interactions on the water with McKay. “I bought the camera to protect myself,” said Keating. Graphic Video, >click to read<10:31


P.E.I.: North Lake fishermen offer $10K fishermen offer $10K reward on lost traps

Fishermen in North Lake, P.E.I., are offering a $10,000 reward in the hope that it will elicit tips from the public regarding 240 traps lost earlier this month. According to RCMP, sometime between noon on Saturday, May 12, and the early morning on Monday, May 14, lines on the 240 traps were cut. Police estimate the traps were worth about $31,000. >click to read<18:49

Turf War: Cooler heads need to prevail in Lobster disputes

One thing’s for certain — things need to calm down, and soon, in an escalating dispute between two area families that’s already resulted in charges being laid for assault causing bodily harm, mischief causing danger to life (after a ramming at sea) and uttering threats. There have also been allegations of an attempted ramming and anonymous telephoned death threats. A DFO vessel and the coast guard were off Ecum Secum on Thursday in response to “civil disobedience and local unrest,” a DFO spokesman said. No trouble was reported that day.  >click to read<12:01

Lobster dispute boils over in Guysborough County

“Somebody’s going to be killed,” Austin Chambers hollered at the Mountie, pounding his fist into an open hand. The officer from the Sherbrooke detachment had been waiting on one of Ecum Secum’s wharves Wednesday afternoon to speak to Chambers about an escalating feud over lobster grounds between two sets of fishermen. Chambers arrived at the wharf in a rage, with lobster to unload and a story to tell. “He came right at us, would have split us right in two,” said Chambers. Meanwhile, at a wharf four kilometres away in Marie Joseph, Eric Pace had a different version of what transpired earlier Wednesday on the lobster grounds off Ecum Secum. >click to read<10:20

2 dead after fishing boat capsizes in Nova Scotia

Two people are dead after a boat capsized off the coast of Port Medway in the Region of Queens Municipality, N.S. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax says rescuers responded to a call Saturday morning reporting an overturned crabbing vessel. A woman, 55, was found unresponsive on the beach and was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital. A man, also 55, was found near the boat by a vessel and was also unresponsive. >click to read< 16:04

Fisherman’s last stand: No one could save the captain who refused to abandon his boat

It sounded like a plane crash, a shuddering boom and scraping of metal as the Fisherman’s Provider II rammed up on Frying Pan Shoal, a lurking hunk of rock in the Atlantic Ocean, about two kilometres off Canso, N.S. The boat had pulled away from the wharf of the historic fishing village just a few hours before, geared up for a four- or five-day trip of catching halibut. Now she was in trouble. Stuck fast, while her crew — Roy Campbell, Anthony Cooke and Brian Sinclair —were panicking. The three men had been in their bunks and were jolted awake upon impact.,, The men wrestled into their survival suits, deploying the life raft, calling 911 and hollering for their captain, Roger Lynn Stoddard, to forget about the damn boat, put his suit on, get in the raft and come with them. But Stoddard wasn’t budging. And he wasn’t panicked. He was at the helm, reversing the vessel, trying to work her off the rocks,,, Big story >click to read<15:18