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Louisiana’s New Red Snapper Catch-Share Program

When it comes to the great red snapper management mess, the consensus of opinion among recreational-fishing interests and advocates is that states (vs. the feds) can manage coastal fish stocks more effectively and fairly. One assumption here is that states are much more in tune with recreational fishing in their waters. Well, in that regard, Louisiana has just delivered a solid bitch slapping to the recreational-fishing community. At least, that has been the reaction of many anglers groups to the surprise announcement made by the Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife on Thursday (May 25th) that a group of 150 anglers would be gifted with 25,000 pounds of red snapper in 2018 and again in 2019. In case you haven’t yet made the connection, let me make that for you. In two words: catch shares. click here to read the story 09:41

Rep. John Fleming: Congress not going to gut red-snapper management for benefit of recreational anglers

Freshman Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.) proposed an amendment in a House Natural Resources Committee meeting last week that would have transferred red-snapper management authority from the federal government to the states. Rep. John Fleming, Louisiana’s only other representative on the committee, abstained from voting on Graves’ amendment, which drew the ire of recreational fishing-industry leaders. In an interview with NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune, he explained his reasons for not voting: Read the rest here 12:12

The warped notions of a Red Snapper Rec Shill – Red snapper management is broken

There was a time when wild duck was a staple of any Chesapeake Bay restaurant. Canvasbacks were a particular favorite. The ducks were killed by commercial hunters. Some mounted huge 4-gauge guns on the bows of their duck boats, stealthily sculled up to big rafts of ducks and maximized their kill by firing into the flock sitting on the water. Read more here 09:30

Louisiana prepared to ignore federal snapper regulations

While the federal government reaffirmed its control of recreational red snapper management this past week, Louisiana fisheries officials also doubled down on a threat to claim three marine leagues of ocean on behalf of the state in an effort to wrestle away oversight of the species from the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council. Read more here