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Regulatory Discards: Cost of Outdated Rules? Millions Of Dead Fish

GOVERNMENT WASTEThis is utterly crazy. Hundreds of thousands — perhaps even millions — of pounds of edible and valuable fish are being wasted every year, thrown overboard from commercial fishing boats off the Connecticut coast, due to long-outdated federal regulations that have not kept up with a changing climate and shifting fish populations. The problem is that catch quotas for some species are based on where the fish were when regulations were created decades ago, not where they are today. “This is tremendously wasteful. It makes no sense,” said David Simpson,,,  Read the rest here )09:00

Cod cut would increase discards, Shetland fishermen warn

Fishermen in Shetland are urging the EU and Norway to abandon a controversial cod management plan and increase North Sea quotas to help reduce dumping of healthy fish at sea.,, “On the one hand they want to eliminate discards, but on the other they want to cut quotas which would have the direct effect of increasing discards. Read the rest here 08:39

Government Waste – Regulatory Discards

This is what the government and their stupid regulations make us discard. Thrown away dead feeding the crabs. Fishermen would be more than happy to bring them home and give them away to feed the hungry. But nooo can’t do that. With what stupid regulations make us discard we could end hunger in this nation. Totally outrageous. 11:10

Different states with different rules sting SouthCoast fluke fishermen

sct logoPOINT JUDITH, R.I. — April 9 was a good day for Tony Borges, captain of the Sao Paulo. He only had to throw 100 pounds of fish overboard. That’s 100 pounds of fluke, roughly 33 individual fish, most of which were already dead. Read more here  08:55