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Observe Hurricane Florence live from Coast Guard Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower

Want an up-close look at Hurricane Florence? Watch the video below to see live footage from an old Coast Guard light tower, 32 miles off the coast of southeastern North Carolina. If current storm projections are correct, that won’t be far from where Florence makes landfall. One camera, mounted on the tower’s helipad about 100 feet above the water, should capture long views, along with the hurricane-force winds whipping the American flag. Richard Neal, a software sales engineer from south Charlotte, is now the principal owner of the Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower. Neal bought the tower at government auction for $85,000 in 2010. Frying Pan Ocean Cam powered by EXPLORE.org Live >click to watch<17:22

Our View: Facts prevail in House vote on fisheries – seeing through an environmentalist-created fog

In politics, repeating an argument so frequently and with such authority as to allow it to become accepted as fact is a familiar tactic. But the fact in this case is that the 10-year rebuilding benchmark so jealously protected by advocates such as Pew Charitable Trust, the Conservation Law Foundation and even the president’s policy advisers is the genuinely arbitrary figure, with no basis in data. The fact is that data collected under the proposals in HR 1335 and the amendment would bring it in from more sources and would necessarily provide better assessments for administrators. Read the rest here 08:51