Important Message From The Center For Sustainable Fisheries

Greetings from all of us here at CSF,
This organization was founded on the principle that our fishermen, and the fishing industry, were not getting their voices heard and we wanted that to change. In the constant clamor over catch limits, stock assessments and bycatch there is little respect afforded to people whose livelihood rests squarely on an ability to discern what is occurring in the ocean month to month.
In recent months CSF has ramped up its efforts to highlight the problems facing the industry and our groundfishermen in particular. CSF board members Dave Goethel and John Haran have been highly visible on both local and national media on the issue of industry funding of at-sea monitors. CSF program director Don Cuddy has gained valuable exposure for our mission with his excellent op-ed pieces and also with the recent documentary Counting Fish, filmed on the SMAST yellowtail survey trip.
Our efforts to educate a wider audience about commercial fishing and the hardworking people who preserve its culture and traditions are paying off, using these editorials, talk radio appearances and with social media such as You Tube and Facebook. A complete redesign of the CSF web site is also in the works. The new CSF site will provide an industry perspective on what is happening in New England and beyond. As we all know, at most council meetings nowadays the only people not paid to attend are a handful of fishermen, leaving NGO’s free to promote an anti-fishing agenda. CSF exists to counter the negative portrayal of America’s oldest industry by such extremists who always seem to be extremely well-funded.
In contrast CSF, as a bare bones non-profit, relies entirely on donations to continue its work. That is why we are now asking for your help. We feel that momentum for change is gathering force and that our work over the last year has played some part in that. We would like to continue our efforts. But CSF cannot do any of it without aid and support from those on whose behalf we have undertaken the struggle. That is why we are now asking for a donation, in whatever amount, to help us achieve better outcomes for fishermen and the fishing industry.
It’s easy to make your donation to CSF on our web site using our secure Pay Pal account. All donations are welcome, will be gratefully acknowledged and are fully tax-deductible. We look forward to working with industry in 2016 with the confidence that we can make a difference.
Thank you for your attention,
  Signed for the CSF board :  Scott W. Lang