StripedBassHole: The old GDT Blog, and Opening our Eyes to Global Issues

It’s interesting how blind we can become to the World around us. News in general be it written, Radio, Television, Internet, you name it. Has a great influence on us and the information is funneled by the direction of the owner of whichever form of Media you are drawn too. Now we can either be Sheep and absorb it and say well that’s the way it is or keep an open mind and seek out other sources. The truth being you’ll never know for sure unless you witness it and have a good understanding of other factors relevant to the event, even that’ll leave gray areas. So it all comes down to TRUST.
Here at Fishery Nation I at times become too focused, but just this week I realized what a unique Site we have here. Especially after watching the procession of a Global gathering of information seekers. Back when we use to trade our thoughts on the GDT Blog it was mainly about the Northeast Fisheries. Here B.H. started with a blank Canvas and has worked diligently to grab every piece of Ocean News from around the World and open our Eyes. He has provided us with an opportunity to form a COMMON VOICE, Not just here in America but GLOBALLY. I tell you in order for us to hold on to Tradition we’ll need a Global Voice. Here in America the GOVERNMENT has basically dismantled us FISHERMEN. Through this Site I see we’re not alone. People have to realize it’s not Rape and Pillage for all. The majority of us realize the nature of the Ocean and it’s Eco-sensitivity. Unfortunately we’ve basically been cut out of the PICTURE and we want to go back FISHING. It’s not as bad as GREENEDIA paints it. What we need to do is all get together because OUR COMMON PROPERTY isn’t what it use to be. Due to “T.O.O.P.” and this is not a MYTH. Seeing you here proves you are all SEEKERS, so read up on it and the consequences it entails. Seeing as you’re all here do your HOMEWORK and let’s put together a COMMON VOICE and get back OUR COMMON PROPERTY as a bonus you’ll be able to buy FRESH NATIVE FISH or still be able to catch it on your own. Face it Tilapia tastes like what it eats…Need I say more?

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