Us against Them

I’ve been commercial fishing since I was 17 and I’m 51 now and I’ve been forced out of several fisheries due to regulations, permits and closures.

I would like to make an observation, every time I visit this group I read several posts about someone else about to lose their livelihood and a part of their soul to another regulation or closure by people who we don’t know and on most occasions never even see.

Do any of you really think this is the natural way of things or maybe this is planned out? Do you ever, ever see them say, “ sorry about that, we made a mistake” and open something back up. The only time anything gets reopened is if some way somehow there is money in it for the controllers. Be it permits or my favorite is quotas. Has anyone thought that these rule makers may have been the first ones to snap up as much quota as possible to set them selves up for life? Just a thought.

My suggestion is quit begging these scum bags to keep your livelihoods and turn the tables on them. These so called public servants should all be rounded up and delt with accordingly and never be able to cast a vote on any decision ever again as long as they live. Absolutely nothing is going to change unless we the people change it. Wake up, your asking the people who made the law to change that law because it’s going to hurt you and many others. Don’t you realize by now that’s exactly what they want?

Everyone should be able to relate to this post. These public servants mission is to make it more difficult for a family to make a living no matter the occupation, except their own (politicians).

Fun fact, did you know that Nancy Palosi’s net worth is $180 million? Ask yourself, how is that possible? Chuck Shummer’s net worth is $1.5 million and google says he made his fortune as a leader of the Democratic Party. Ask yourself again, how is that possible? Maybe payoffs and kick backs and plain old steeling from all the tax payers? Who would turn them in for it? It’s all one big family.

EVERYONE needs to start thinking how they think, us against them.

Gunner Gause

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