Time to hit the brakes on offshore wind farms

2017, offshore wind generation appeared to be a dead issue in Maine. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) had just completed an extensive study that deemed it too expensive for ratepayers. Now it is moving again at the speed of light. What I would like to know is, why haven’t we started an independent study on the environmental impacts of offshore wind development? We have been told that we need to move quickly given the Governor’s ambitious goals. I have heard this repeatedly and from many people in the Legislature, the bureaucracy, special interest groups and from high-paid lobbyists working for foreign corporations. Where did these goals come from, and why are we using these goals as a target? >click to read< 16:55

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    This is not good for our fisherman in New England and if passed will cost lost of jobs and income ,if we loose this fishing grounds ,It is time to fight the benefits are so small at cost of our fisherman The homeowner will only save 4% on there electric bill ,this is crazy.

    • ckolof says:

      They can’t be stopped – but proper pressure and they will hire AMERICAN boats to do all of the work – which means AMERICAN jobs for Mariners.

      I know a couple guys working on the OSW boats and they have no intention of going back fishing. The $$ is good and the work is easy.

      Right now about 80% of the jobs in OSW are foreign flagged boats who are FLAGRANTLY breaking the Jones Act Law and rubbing our noses in it. Just look at their websites and weekly notice to mariners.

      With vessel and permit consolidation the chances of a guy working up from the deck to the wheelhouse and ownership is about ZERO anyway.

      Everyone needs to scream from the rooftops about the foreign boats breaking US law in US waters.

      • Joel H says:

        Bull. Anything less than a total ban to halt this scam is compliance with the companies involved. In essence, it gives them the latitude to say, see, this is supported by members of the industry.
        I agree that the prospect of working your way up to ownership of a fishing vessel is extremely expensive and difficult. It was not that way before the government stepped in to manage our fisheries.
        This boondoggle is not the answer. Fishermen and ratepayers are going to be on the hook for this horse shit for a very long time.

        • - Moderator says:

          yessah! industry supported, and as long as you support us, we’ll support you! I like the militancy of some of the Maine guys that are figuring out who has scammed them. They are offended! I know how they feel. Is there a way to put the breaks on? Now that these politicians are into social, and industrial justice at any cost, why can’t these worthless morons reset the industry to owner operator preference?

      • - Moderator says:

        You are saying things, that should have been said publicly long before this, and I appreciate your candor. Its telling that those willing to go along weren’t vocal of their intent to treat the encroachment as an investment decision, versus, an occupational preference decision, like some of the tired, and weary may seek, but, be up front about it! When I read that a multi-vessel owner is a-ok with this, I’m not as supportive as I was previously. I’m very concerned about the owner operator. I don’t, as a ratepayer, desire to be bent over by the Euro farmers the Democrats support. Thank you diving in with us, and welcome!

    • - Moderator says:

      It isn’t good for the fishermen, nor the ratepayers. The solution is fresh representation from politicians that will listen.


    THE RIGHT TO KNOW LAWS!!! Deal mainly with materials that are carcinogenic!!! Be it hands-on working with toxic materials or exposure of Radiation, chemical releases and other toxic events!!! They state exposure to high voltage lines should be no less then 700 feet… As I’ve read about the Power lines in use and they have insulating material generally plastics to keep things from shorting out… When you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of volts to stop the EMF cancer causing radiation you need LEAD SHIELDING… Enough Shielding that would make these High Voltage Power Lines safe would make them cost prohibitive!!! It is your RIGHT TO KNOW!!!


    Dairy Farms and Mink Farms exposed to the Wind-Farms… Have experienced a variety of issues miscarriages, loss of Milk production, malignancy, and unimaginable malformations!!! Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there!!! I tell ya, they’re banking on this out of sight out of MIND!!! Checkout this bill of goods you’re being sold??? Remember this is the GOVERNMENT, promises are made to be broken!!!




    So what do you think will happen out there out of sight and out of MIND???
    It’ll be too late once it’s gone…
    Hell, Four Clawed Lobsters would probably be a big seller!!! -SBH-

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