California Coastal Commission OKs world’s longest fiber optic cable from Eureka to Singapore

Stretching from Eureka to Singapore, the 10,000 mile long cable will bring enhanced broadband connectivity to Humboldt County and beyond as soon as 2023. RTI plans to install four steel pipes extending from a landing site in Samoa approximately 3,600 feet offshore to serve as conduits for two submarine fiber optic cables. Additional cables may extend to Australia and Japan as well. North Coast commercial fisherman Kevin Collins expressed concern for the trawling fishermen who, he feels, will be “the primary group impacted by the cable.” Humboldt Fishermen’s Marketing Association was not looking to oppose or delay the installation of this cable but wished to express “grave concerns California fishermen have over the flawed process taking place for the mitigation” of the project. >click to read< 13:45

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