Parts of UK fishing industry feel ‘stabbed in the back’ by Brexit deal

One of the major selling points of Brexit was that it would limit access to foreign trawlers and increase quotas for the UK industry. In the end, only minor changes took place, phased in over five years. Skipper Paul Corin voted for Brexit. Now he feels betrayed and has had to sell his family-owned trawler to keep the business alive. “The exports improved after Brexit with a lot of hard work from people, but the increase in quota that we were promised just didn’t materialize. This was a family boat, but we had to sell to a bigger company. We just didn’t have enough quota to keep the vessel running and make a profit,” Corin explained. “I think we were all stabbed in the back, we were promised lots of stuff and it hasn’t materialized and it’s not going to materialize,”,,, video, >click to read< 13:00

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