Twinkle no more.

Flown at half mast, the harbour’s Cornish flag signifies that yet another Newlyn skipper and someone for whom the title, ‘character’ was totally justified, has gone to the big wheelhouse in the sky. This week we say goodbye to John Trennere, who, as an apprentice boatbuilder in Porthleven was given the nickname Twinkle by the boatyard boss. Anyone who knew him will immediately identify with how the name arose. His very presence enough to lighten the mood no matter what the circumstances, though to be fair, he must have driven said boss and the other guys half-crazy with his constant banter and antics, not that he changed much over the years as anyone who had the pleasure of sailing under him as I did aboard the Reliance for a short while will testify. photos, >click to read< 06:55

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