North Carolina Fisheries Association Weekly Update for 08/01/2022

If you’re a regular reader of the NCFA’s weekly newsletter, you’ve seen many articles lately pointing out the dis-information being distributed by the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) of North Carolina. Unfortunately, they make it very easy to find a new subject to write about each week, so in fact, I bet almost anyone can do it. Even you! So, that said, let’s see if our readers have learned anything over the last couple of months. I challenge everyone who reads this to go to the CCA NC website, click on “Advocacy” and read the following position papers. >click to read<, To read all the updates >click here<, for older updates listed as NCFA >click here< 12:56

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  1. Robbie Swinson says:

    I’ve live in Topsail area all my life. The biggest hazard to all fisheries and wildlife is the rapid development our community has seen over the last 25yrs or so,this is what is causing and will continue to cause the shortage of both fish and wildlife, pollution period!Not commercial fisherman, they are all but obsolete due to restrictions and regulations that are apparently are not working and never will unless a moratorium is put on developments, should have been done 20yrs ago!

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