Wind energy developer files to scrap power agreements. Scrap all of it completely.

Commonwealth Wind on Friday asked Massachusetts regulators to scrap the agreements the company reached with utilities and reopen a new round of bidding. Commonwealth Wind filed a motion with the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) seeking dismissal of the power purchase agreements it reached with utility companies in May, which would render them moot, and a reopening of the process of procuring the project’s 1,200 megawatts of clean wind energy. If the DPU agrees, Commonwealth Wind said it would file a new, updated bid with more viable financial terms.  >click to read< 10:45

One Response to Wind energy developer files to scrap power agreements. Scrap all of it completely.

  1. And if you think after any amount of time these shysters won’t approach the agencies in charge in order to increase rates to the ratepayers your living in an alternate universe.
    Here’s how it will play out. They spend billions to erect these monstrosities and down the road they decide they’re not making enough money to pay for their boondoggle. They go to the state agencies and tell them if they’re not allowed to increase their rates than they will be forced to shut down the entire system. Which I would assume they would have insurance for. What would these agencies have to do? Either grant yet another ratepayers increase or shut down the whole program and let these things just rot and destroy the ocean environment. (Which at some point they will anyway)
    Yeah, the environment is really going to be saved by this scam. And in the meantime, advances in nuclear energy will make this whole shitshow obsolete in the not to distant future. Patients people. The advances in power production is on the horizon. Destroying one environment to hypothetically save another is plain lunacy. STOP THE MADNESS!

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