Commercial and recreational fishers call for overhaul of SA and Queensland permit system

Some commercial fishers in South Australia are calling for an overhaul of the recreational fishing sector, including the introduction of a permit system and a phone app for reporting their catch. SA and Queensland are the only states where recreational anglers are not required to hold permits. Elsewhere they need permits to fish from boats and in some jurisdictions, licences are required to fish from land.But commercial operators from the Marine Scalefish Fishery in SA are required to pay an annual base fee of $3,000 and those who hold quota licences pay thousands on top of that. Lower Eyre Peninsula commercial fisher Hugh Bayly would like that to change. “It’s grossly unfair,” he said. “We are paying huge amounts of money to manage a resource which everyone has a right to access and the recreational sector pays nothing.” photos, more, >>click to read<< 18:12

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