Rock star fishery booming in Western Australia, as octopus catch quadruples

In a world hungry for healthy sustainable protein, WA’s western rock octopus is a rising star. It’s wild caught, all natural and has no adverse impact on the environment, according to the Fremantle Octopus company’s general manager Emma Davison. “Octopus has more iron and more protein than red meat,” Ms. Davison said. The Fremantle company dominates the relatively new octopus fishery. About 70 per cent of its current market is for raw tentacles favoured by high-end restaurants. The in-demand mollusc is the rock star of Australia’s commercial fishing industry. Since it was established as a managed fishery in 2015 the annual catch has increased by 400 per cent. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 20:31

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