All eyes on Iceland as fishermen’s strike threatens seafood supply

grimsby-fishIcelandic fishermen have gone on strike, threatening supplies to Grimsby’s seafood cluster. Negotiations over pay structure changes have failed to find a solution with the North Atlantic nation’s famous industry, heavily relied upon by Europe’s Food Town. They tied up vessels at 11pm on Thursday. Representatives from North East Lincolnshire had been planning a trip to Reykjavik, with 75 per cent of the seafood auctioned on Grimsby Fish Market caught by Icelandic hands. It may now be triggered if the dispute isn’t settled quickly on the back of the direct action. Chief executive of market operator Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises, Martyn Boyers, said: “This will resolve itself, it is not permanent, but it is a bad thing. “Because of the way the system works we have fish on its way. It won’t affect this week but it will the week after. Read the story here 10:03

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