Capsized in the storm: Huddled in a shrimp-box, a fisherman survives

As a squall’s winds howled and hungry waves lapped all around, John Trosclair Jr. paddled and prayed in the darkness, hunched in the box he had used to ice down his shrimp. The sharp eyes of a shrimper on a passing boat and help from the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Water Patrol ensured a safe return for the 55-year-old Dulac fisherman, who said that despite hours in the grip of Hurricane Harvey’s remnants, he never lost faith. His survival, and the generous help he received, is already inspiring others on local bayous, who say it affirms the best of what they know about local spirit. “I paddled and I prayed,” John said, while recalling his ordeal. click here to read the story 13:03

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