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Fishermen Outraged! ‘We have to buy our jobs back’

buy backThe opposition has demanded the State Government press pause on controversial reforms to the commercial fishing industry, it claims will force fishers to “borrow money to buy shares to do the job they already do”. During a visit to Stockton on Friday, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Mick Veitch also described it as “ludicrous” to be asking fishers around Williamtown to be investing in more shares while they are still locked out of contaminated waterways at Fullerton Cove and upper Tilligerry Creek. Mr Veitch met with a group of about 20 fisherman to protest the reforms, which are due to come into effect in July next year. They will introduce minimum shareholdings – meaning smaller players could be squeezed out of the industry unless they buy more shares – and link fishing rights to catch levels. One veteran of the industry, John Verdich, estimated the changes would cost him $120,000. “That’s just to get back to what I’m doing,” he said.  Read the story here 16:06

Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management Policy and Roadmap – Its your duty to comment!

noaa nmfs logoResilient, productive ocean fisheries are critical to our economy and way of life.  Managing these fisheries over the long-term means taking into account more than just one species at a time. It requires a holistic, science-based approach that looks at the entire ecosystem. This approach is known as Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management (EBFM). NOAA Fisheries has developed an agency-wide EBFM policy, which outlines a set of principles to guide our actions and decisions over the long-term. It directs continued progress toward development and implementation of EBFM approaches. It also ensures our commitment to incorporate EBFM into the agency’s resource management decisions. NOAA also recently released a EBFM draft “road map” to guide implementation of the EBFM policy over the next five years. The road map outlines actions we can take now to further the policy’s 6 guiding principles: Implement ecosystem-level planning, 1.Advance understanding of ecosystem processes 2. Assess risks and vulnerabilities 3. Explore trade-offs 4. Incorporate ecosystem considerations into management advice 5. Maintain ecosystem resilience and social well-being Interested parties can send their comments on the draft road map no later than October 15, 2016 to [email protected] and [email protected].  Related Links: What is Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management? What are we already doing? 6 Myths of Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management  Related Resources: Gulf of Mexico Marine Ecosystem – Video  Link to the notice 15:38

Lobstah-lovin’ Texans get another Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

cowboy lobsterCousins Maine Lobster Truck is expanding its fleet with another mobile kitchen in San Antonio, Texas, according to the San Antonio Current, which said the addition was announced on Facebook. The Portland-based company, started by cousins Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac, opened its 12th location last December in Nashville, as reported by Mainebiz. At the time it had 18 trucks in 12 cities, including Nashville. The truck franchise launched in 2012. The Texas newspaper said the local trucks are franchised by Todd Knief and Neil Werner, who first started serving Maine lobster rolls, lobster bisque and lobster tacos the weekend of June 4. Cousins Maine Lobster became famous when it won backing on ABC’s Shark Tank show by real estate financier Barbara Corcoran. Link 12:21

FDA tests confirm hepatitis A in scallops imported from Philippines likely source of outbreak of virus in Hawaii

scallops4U.S. Food and Drug Administration tests found hepatitis A in scallops from the Philippines, which have been identified as the likely source of an outbreak of the virus in Hawaii. The Hawaii Department of Health announced Thursday the FDA laboratory test results of frozen Sea Port Bay Scallops. They’re produced by De Oro Resources Inc. Messages left with the company’s main office in the Philippines weren’t immediately returned. The scallops are imported by Sea Port Products Corp. in Washington state. “I am deeply troubled at the thought that anyone may have become ill from eating product that we shipped,” Sea Port owner Bill Dresser said in a statement. “I am also fully committed to trying to find out how this may have happened and to work to prevent it from happening again not only to Sea Port, but to the entire seafood community.” Read the story here 10:29

Commercial fisherman turns low-grade fish into healthy, tasty pet treats

doggy treats from underutilized fishNo commercial fisherman ever wants to throw away or waste a fish he’s worked hard to catch. The reality is, though, some species demand very little interest among consumers and consequently, provide little or no return. But an enterprising fisherman in Mission Beach in far north Queensland believes he’s overcome the problem by transforming his low-grade fish products into high-value dog treats. Glen Murray said his ‘light bulb moment’ came when one of his own dogs was diagnosed with arthritis and the vet recommended fish oil tablets as a treatment. The beauty of his dog treat concept was not only finding a market for fish he traditionally struggled to sell, but the fact the manufacturing process utilised the resource more effectively. Read the story here 08:46

Fishermen Catch Giant Swordfish, SHOCKED When They Cut It Open

swordfish surpriseA bizarre incident was recently caught on video after a few fishermen reeled in a massive swordfish. However, the situation got strange after they began to cut it open, only to make a surprising discovery inside. The location of the incident is currently unknown, but video of the ordeal is going viral after seeing what the day’s catch produced. We all know that fishermen bring things in on a daily basis and most of them have their own niche markets for whatever they want. As it turns out, these guys specialized in swordfish and managed to bring in a rather large one before attempting to dress it. However, things would take a turn as the men on the boat noticed that the large fish had a rather swollen abdomen that just wasn’t normal. Watch the video here 07:59

Copper River Coho Salmon Season Kicks Off in Alaska

coho_spawnFishermen of the Copper River flats celebrated the official start of Copper River coho salmon season on August 15. Setting their nets in tumultuous ocean swell, they were rewarded with bright and beautiful Copper River coho salmon. According to research biologist Steve Moffitt with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), harvest from the first Copper River coho salmon fishing period was 19,000 coho salmon. This level of harvest is on track to meet or exceed the preseason harvest forecast of 201,000 coho salmon. If the run comes in as forecast, harvest could be over 45% higher than last year when 137,000 Copper River coho were caught- great news for fishermen and salmon lovers alike! Read the rest here 07:37