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North Carolina Fisheries Association Weekly Update for May 3, 2019

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FISH-NL calls on provincial parties to reveal stand on major fishery issues before provincial election

“The inshore fishery is critical to the province’s future, and the responses from each of the parties will give harvesters, their families, and rural communities where they live a clear idea of where each of the parties stand,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. FISH-NL’s questions were forwarded today to each of the four party leaders, including Liberal Leader Dwight Ball, Progressive Conservative Leader Ches Crosbie, NDP Leader Alison Coffin, and NL Alliance head Graydon Pelley. The provincial election is scheduled for May 16th, and FISH-NL requested responses from each of the four political camps by Monday, May 13h. All responses will be made public. >click to read<14:34

What’s the future of Port Royal’s waterfront? Here’s what the town is considering

The town of Port Royal was set to welcome a new kind of marine vessel to its waterfront Thursday afternoon.  A Maxi 72 racing sailboat will dock in Battery Creek, with its long fixed keel requiring water depth not possible many places on the East Coast. Its arrival is meant to show off the possibilities of the deep channel and introduce other possible uses for the waterfront as town leaders mull whether charter fishing boats, ferries and sails will eventually join or replace some of the iconic shrimp boats that mark one of South Carolina’s last remaining working waterfronts. Increased competition from imported shrimp and an unwillingness of a younger generation to take up shrimping are commonly blamed for the industry’s decline. >click to read<13:02

Patagonia Launches ‘Hose-Down’ Industrial Apparel to Fight Off Mud, Grime, Blood

It’s an eyebrow-raising new product from a brand that has never shied away from the spotlight. The burly workwear commercial anglers use, for example, tends toward heavy waterproof PVC bibs and jackets by brands like Grundéns. A step up from Grundéns, Helly Hansen offers the Gale Rain Bib pants for $80 and the Storm Rain Jacket, made with PVC and polyester, for $135. Is there room for improvement in the category from an outside player? Watching the video below, there’s little doubt that Patagonia is targeting the hardworking commercial-fishing market. >click to watch/read<11:55

Spring lobster season now underway in P.E.I.

A crowd of spectators gathered at the end of the wharf in Northport Friday morning to watch as Alberton Harbours fleet of lobster boats set out under a clear sky and in calm conditions. Prince Edward Island’s spring lobster fishery opened at 6 o’clock after being delayed four times due to wind conditions. Close to 1,000 P.E.I. boats in Lobster Fishing Area 24, Prince Edawrd Island’s north shore, and LFA 26A, the southesastern end of Northumberland Strait, participate in the spring fishery. >Photo’s, click to read<11:18

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Fishing boat catches fire near Bandon, 4 aboard unhurt

No one was hurt when a commercial fishing boat caught fire Thursday while off the coast near Bandon, the U.S. Coast Guard said. Coast Guard crews were called out after getting reports of a fire on the “Ann Kathleen.” All four people on-board abandoned ship and were rescued by some people passing by in the commercial fishing vessel “Lynoma.” >click to read<09:41

Putting the Brakes on finfish aquaculture in federal waters, Young Introduces Legislation to Protect Wild Fish Populations

Don Young, the Republican congressman for Alaska, has introduced the Keep Fin Fish Free Act, which would specifically prohibit federal agencies from permitting marine finfish aquaculture facilities in federal ocean waters, unless and until Congress passes a future law authorising such permits. “My legislation takes needed steps to prevent the unchecked spread of aquaculture operations by reigning in the federal bureaucracy and empowering Congress to determine where new aquaculture projects should be conducted.>click to read<08:52