Daily Archives: May 25, 2019

Dungeness fleet back off Oregon Coast

Crabbing restrictions were lifted Friday along the South Coast after biotoxin levels in Dungeness were found to be safe again, reinviting the region’s commercial fleet to take full advantage of what is now the second-best Oregon crabbing season on record. Oregon Department of Agriculture tests Friday showed domoic acid levels in Dungeness were back into the safe margins for the second consecutive week, allowing sport crabbers back to the ocean and bays that have been off-limits since May 10. >click to read<19:53

Further city waterfront restrictions won’t benefit fishermen

People who fish for a living need new berthing, enhanced branding, higher catch prices and a vibrant local economy. Having fished commercially for over 30 years, co-founded the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance to help fishermen and served as a board member of the Portland Fish Exchange, I constantly champion the working waterfront.  So I fear the mistake Portland’s about to make, surrendering to slick videos from lawyers and lobbyists and approving damaging zoning on the waterfront. >click to read< by Craig A. Pendleton18:51

Carbon monoxide leak at fish plant has union, processors at loggerheads

A carbon monoxide leak at the Ocean Choice International fish plant in Fortune has the union representing workers calling for major change in the industry. But the group that represents processors says the union’s call is nothing but a ploy to receive government money for the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union. In January, a carbon monoxide leak sent four OCI workers, two of them with serious side effects, to hospital. >click to read<17:23

Fishermen say price is right this year for northern shrimp and lobster

Shrimp and lobster prices have plummeted in recent years, but what about this season? Fishermen say the price is right.  Video, >click to watch<13:25

Remembering the incredible life of Bernard Wharam – one of Hull’s greatest ever trawlermen

Bernard The B*****d. He was one of Hull’s untouchable trawlermen – but his death earlier this month has sadly closed the book on an era of one of the city’s best-known fisherman. Bernard Wharam was renowned for his firm but fair attitude at the helm and is one of the city’s greatest trawlermen,,, But his fantastic and colourful life will forever be remembered by his years of domination at sea as one of the last ever Hull trawler skippers. >click to read<09:46

Army Corps approves $778M plan to block Asian carp advance

The head of the Army Corps of Engineers has sent Congress a $778 million plan to fortify an Illinois waterway with noisemakers, electric cables and other devices in the hope that they will prevent Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes, where the aggressive invaders could leave other fish with too little to eat. The plan represents a compromise between proposals to erect barriers that would seal off Lake Michigan from the river and less drastic measures such as stepped-up commercial fishing.>click to read<09:14