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BREAKING: Doomed captain was responsible for at-sea mishaps, possible assault

The saga of a captain who appeared to be neither a proper master of his ships nor his own impulses is unfolding at a Coast Guard hearing in Newport, with testimony giving details about the man sleeping at the wheel, using marijuana, displaying intoxication and possibly assaulting another person aboard his boat. Investigators earlier in the week revealed Biernacki had methamphetamines and alcohol in his system when he died. >click to read<17:37

Hand on doomed Oregon boat texted, called wife before deathclick to read<08:38

Durango anglers set to head to Alaska for salmon run

The Copper River season takes off mid-May with the king salmon run.,,,  A month later, further southeast, Eric Macias and his crew will board the 58-foot Silver Wave, named after a shoal of shimmering coho. It also shares its name with the fish company that sells salmon in filets and cans in Southwest Colorado that Macias and his partner, MJ Carroll, run. “We come in at the end of the king run,” Macias said. “I’m a seiner, so I have a bigger boat, a bigger crew, and I catch a bigger volume of fish at one time.”>click to read<15:30

Suffolk County Officially Transfers Ownership of Shinnecock Commercial Dock To Southampton Town

Tuesday, Suffolk County officially signed over full ownership of the commercial fishing dock to the Town of Southampton, according to a press release. Additionally, the transfer included an 11-acre stretch of beachfront along Shinnecock Bay just west of the dock. Prior to the transfer, the costs of repairing or upgrading the dock were evenly split between the town and the county. Under an inter-municipal agreement, signed by both parties in 2002, any repairs or upgrades required approvals from both town and county officials. Southampton Town Councilwoman Julie Lofstad, who co-owns a commercial fishing boat with her husband, Raymond Lofstad, explained that the added layers of government approval only complicated things. >click to read<11:45

NOAA/NMS Announces 2019-2021 Spiny Dogfish Specifications

We are approving and implementing the final 2019 and projected 2020-2021 specifications for the spiny dogfish fishery, as recommended by the Mid-Atlantic and New England Fishery Management Councils. The specifications for the 2019 spiny dogfish fishery are a 46-percent reduction from fishing year 2018 to,,, >click to read<11:22

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 40′ x 17′ Novi Trawler, 6 Cylinder Volvo 102T,6.5 KW Genset W/Permits

Specifications, information and 38 photos >click here< To see all the boats in this series, >click here<10:32

Effort seeks to uncover lake’s purported monster

The mysterious animal that people say they see in Iliamna Lake is dark, longer than 15 feet, and has a long head and tail and distinct fins. It isn’t a whale or a seal, and it often vanishes quickly. Fishermen have tried hooking it. The Anchorage Daily News once offered $100,000 for proof of its existence. But so far, no one has photographed the creature some call the Iliamna Lake monster. Palmer resident Bruce Wright, a former marine ecologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service, hopes to solve the riddle once and for all this summer.  >click to read<09:18

Casting a line for congressional candidate’s fishing perspective

The following is a personal opinion and should not be implied as an endorsement of any candidate. I’ve read and heard many comments prior to and after the primary election but merely want to put out my thoughts from a commercial fishing perspective for what they’re worth. Last month’s primary whittled down 17 Republicans to 2; 6 Democrats to 1; and 2 Libertarians to 1. From a commercial fishing standpoint, where does that leave us? On the Republican side we have Greg Murphy and Joan Perry. Democrats have selected Allen Thomas and Libertarians have Tim Harris. Of those, all responded to the questionnaire sent out by NCFA except for Allen Thomas even though he was reminded of it. by Jerry Schill >click to read<08:36