Daily Archives: June 16, 2019

Lobster Boat Races come to Rockland

Lobstermen in Rockland weren’t hauling any traps today, but that doesn’t mean their boats weren’t in action. Summer in Maine is actually multiple seasons rolled into one. The Rockland boat races happened to be on the fifth birthday of Owen Hotchkiss, so his dad Blake brought him down from Brewer, for a loud, Fathers Day/ Birthday afternoon. “A lot of noise, which is great though,” said Hotchkiss.” Love the engines, how fast they’re going. He really likes it too. You know, I grew up on the coast near Blue Hill, so we’ve been around boats all our life, so this is really important.” >click to read<19:08

Illegal eel exporters exposed by Countryfile

Posing as a UK fisherman who had legally caught the eels on the River Severn in Gloucestershire, presenter Joe Crowley was approached by Chinese and Russian buyers and a UK exporter. They were prepared to pay up to seven times the normal catch price if the eels could be sent out of the EU.
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Coast Guard searching for a missing fisherman 300 miles east of Cape Canaveral

The Coast Guard is searching Sunday for a missing fisherman 300 miles east of Cape Canaveral. At 2:57 a.m., Coast Guard 7th District Command Center watchstanders received a report from the Day Boat Too, a 46-foot fishing vessel, stating the captain, a 30-year-old male, went overboard. >click to read< To be updated.11:57

EPA officials visit Dillingham to gather opinions on Pebble Mine

Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency arrived in Dillingham Thursday morning, meeting with fishers and community leaders to gather opinions on the proposed development of Pebble Mine. “It’s important to hear people’s views on all sides of the issue,” said Matt Leopold, the EPA’s general counsel. “And here in Dillingham I can tell right away that people are opposed to the project.” >click to read<11:33

Happy Fathers Day to the Fishermen Fathers at Sea Today

Happy Fathers Day to those fathers that are at sea today, providing for their family’s, and providing us with fresh seafood. Thank you. 10:00

Hundreds swarm Boothbay Harbor for Maine’s first lobster boat races of 2019

As Maine as lobster rolls, blueberries and Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, the 2019 lobster boat racing season began Saturday in Boothbay Harbor. Under sunny skies and temperatures in the high 60s, sailboats, motor boats and even a sardine carrier tied up in the harbor by 10 a.m. to watch working and recreational lobster boats rev their engines and skim across the sea’s surface in a series of heats to prove whose engine was most powerful. >click to read<08:59

34th annual Boothbay Harbor Lobster Boat Races – Drag racing on the water, photo’s, >click to view!<08:12, 6/17