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Deadliest Catch star visits Pictou to promote technology combatting ghost fishing gear

Any fisherman understands that keeping the waters clean will help ensure a viable future for the industry. “If you want a future, you have to invest in that future,” said Capt. Sig Hansen from Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch. “So why not try to keep our oceans clean? That’s our responsibility.” Hansen has partnered with Resqunit (pronounced “rescue unit”), lending his star power to an endeavor they hope will assist in helping to protect the environment in which fishermen and women ply their trade. The Resqunit is a lost gear retrieval unit that can be attached to a line of traps, in case a fisher loses a buoy because of storms, accidents or by other means. It includes a user-controlled timer release that is set by using on an app on your phone. If needed, the unit will deploy after a set length of time, rise to the surface and allow fishers to retrieve their traps. >>click to read<< 14:04

The afternoon during World War II when they made a ‘Beeline for Block Island’

Encounters with unexploded ordinance from World War II is not limited to Europe or decades after the conflict. The waters around Block Island in the spring of 1945 proved this latter point. While the war in Europe was winding down, three fishermen were killed off the southeastern shore of Block Island. These three fishermen were all over the age of 30, which of course resulted from the war taking any of the younger fishermen away to the far corners of the world. As result, a trawler out of Stonington accidentally bringing up an unexploded 550-pound bomb that rested on the ocean bottom some eight miles from Block Island, would not only take three lives but caused 11 children to be fatherless. World War II stands out in the history of human conflict for two main reasons. First, of course, is the unprecedented scale of the conflict, in terms of weapons used, nations involved, and lives lost. Second, and less understood, was the high percentage of civilians killed in the war. This would include the three Stonington fishermen. >>click to read<<  10:48

Son pays tribute to Scots fisherman who died after boat capsized

Tributes have been paid to a Scots fisherman who ‘died doing what he loved’ after his boat capsized in the North Sea. Sandy Alexander Snr has been named locally as the 69-year-old man who tragically died near Macduff, Aberdeenshire, around 12pm on Thursday. A major emergency response was launched after the vessel capsized but Sandy could not be saved and was sadly pronounced dead a short time after he was found in the water. His son Sandy Jnr said he died doing ‘what he loved’ as he paid tribute in an online post. He said: “I’m posting this in memory of first and foremost my dad, my skipper, my best pal. Photos, >>click to read<< 09:07