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North Carolina Fisheries Commission Forces Gill Net Ban

The state Marine Fisheries Commission voted Wednesday to overrule the director of the Division of Marine Fisheries and ban gill nets upstream of the ferry crossing points in the Neuse and Pamlico rivers. The commission, during what it called an emergency meeting in Kinston that was announced Monday, approved a motion directing Division of Marine Fisheries Director Steve Murphey to implement a year-round closure upstream of the Bayview-Aurora Ferry in the Pamlico River and upstream of the Minnesott Beach-Cherry Branch Ferry in the Neuse River. The proclamation to take effect Monday and the closure were expected to continue for about two years or until an amendment to the state’s Estuarine Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan is adopted. The provision, called Amendment 2, could continue the closure or recommend other management actions. >click to read<10:44

Advisory group wants to move Astoria Marine Construction Co. Shipyard, Fishermen leery

AR-160529960.jpg&MaxW=600The advisory group overseeing the cleanup of Astoria Marine Construction Co.’s contaminated shipyard has asked the state to support a public-private partnership to relocate the business. The long-term impact of the closure of AMCCO on our fishing fleet could have severe economic consequences, as the loss of the fleet will impact fish processing and other businesses related to the fishing industry,” Löfman wrote. “Commercial fishing represents 18.6 percent ($142.4 million) of all earned income in Clatsop County.” Löfman, who also sent the letter to a long list of local, state and national legislators, said she put the letter out to raise awareness about the clear need for the shipyard. Dave Jordan, an advisory group member who lives near Tillamook and bases his fishing boat out of Warrenton, said it takes him as little as 45 minutes for his boat to get to Astoria Marine. Astoria Marine helps change his equipment between the crab, shrimp and tuna seasons, along with biennial haul-outs and emergency repairs. “That’s one of the big losses, is the emergency part of it,” he said. “It’s a bad deal. Boats might sink because it’s not there.” Read the story here 13:06

Scientific panel will evaluate proposals to establish commercial fish farms in Great Lakes

Department of Environmental Quality officials said in March they’d heard from two operators interested in raising rainbow trout in netted enclosures in Lakes Michigan and Huron. They would take fish from small hatcheries and raise them until large enough for the consumer food market. Among members are scientists with the NOAA Great Lakes Ecological Laboratory in Ann Arbor, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, Michigan Sea Grant and others. The chairman is Roy Stein, a professor emeritus at Ohio State University. Bad idea Read the rest here 13:14

McAuliffe signs storm-water legislation at VIMS

GLOUCESTER Va— Gov. Terry McAuliffe proved he’s a hands-on governor Thursday when he capped a ceremonial signing of state legislation regulating storm water on the campus of Virginia Institute of Marine Science with a tour on a trawling boat that had him handling live fish and blue crab. Read more here 09:18