Julie Packard – A Philanthropic Monopoly Financing A Hostile Takeover

Julie Packard, heir to a fortune was groomed for her ventures. Being raised in the affluent and growing beginnings of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is the center of todays trillion dollar Big-Tech universe. The San Francisco bay area is well know for it’s liberal ideology. Since the days of 60’s Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco streets have seen it all.

About a tank full of gas in a Volkswagen bus away lies the retreats of Santa Cruz and Big Sur. Santa Cruz is home to University California Santa Cruz. UCSC started out as a haven for astronomy and space sciences. It has become a puppy mill for PhD’s of marine science, and has been named the #2 university in the nation for “making an impact” by these students. How did this come to be? Julie Packard of course; she got her Masters there.

In the early days, Julie’s family connections led her to Margaret Wentworth Owings, wife of Nathaniel Owings. He was a DC architect of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. There was a tight small social clique in DC those days. Nathaniel bought Margaret a home on the scenic Big Sur coast. There she could observe the beauty of her favorite scenes, An avid animal right and environmental advocate, Margaret was fascinated with sea otters. There happened to be a surviving colony of sea otters that miraculously was found surviving after thirty years of supposed extinction. Rumor has it they were actually translocated from the Aleutian islands in Alaska to make way for atomic bomb testing in 1938.
Margaret was “horrified” to learn that her property was supposedly used by fur traders to slaughter sea otters. She began a campaign to “save the sea otter.”
During this time, Julie Packard founded Monterey Bay Aquarium. The sea otter became the mascot. By this time, Julie’s aquarium was becoming a beacon for science. UCSC was evolving more towards marine biology and the professors were finding the funding they needed to perform studies.
There was legitimate concern for the status of marine mammals. Greenpeace had formed and the exposure of whale hunting exposed the public to this exploitation. The “science” community in this arena was engaging in environmentalism and protections were pursued. Margaret, having connections in DC/ Congress enjoined a campaign to create the Marine Mammal Protection Act. This included sea otters. The favors were obliged.
This just wasn’t enough. The science community taxonomists were funded heavily to create a new sub-species designation for the “Southern sea otter” because it has blonder hair and a smaller jawbone. Taxonomy isn’t a perfect science. There are “lumpers and splitters” that continuously argue these finer points. By this new sub-species designation, the Southern sea otter was created.
Along came a catastrophic oil spill of Santa Barbara. This was an opportunity for Margaret. Another protection became available, The Endangered Species Act. Sea otters are not endangered. But, with the taxonomy designation, Margaret and Julie were able to get the new Southern sea otter listed “as threatened”  because a potential oil spill could decimate the ongoing recovery efforts into Southern California.
Feeling in charge and untouchable, Margaret and Julie planned a covert and illegal operation to translocate sea otters to San Nicholas island off S. California. This secret operation was discovered. The irony is the MMPA and ESA lay roadblocks to this activity. It was against the law. California fishermen did their homework and brought this event to Congress. Congress created a law, PL99-625, the otter management zone wherein US Fish and Wildlife Service was compelled to manage the otter population. Sea otters, although cute characters, are of the weasel family. A vicious predator with a voracious appetite. It quickly became apparent that otters were stripping the ecosystem of it’s biodiversity.
The narrative created by Julie Packard was bolstered by a plethora of biased, myopic science papers portraying the otter as a victim. An empathy campaign was formed to garner public support in an argument over choosing otters or fishing. An unmanaged otter population cannot coexist with fishing. Otters just eat too much of everything. The irony of the new campaign to reintroduce otters to N. California, Oregon and Washington is a doubling down of historic events.
California sea urchin divers again respond to this effort. Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation, USFWS was confronted with litigation up to the SCOTUS to seek accountability and oversight. SCOTUS declined to hear the case and this was s green light for Julie to proceed. The sea otter lobby coerced with lies to prompt then President Trump to command a feasibility study by no other than USFWS to reintroduce otters.
It is the task of urchin divers to bring this to the new Weaponization committee and House Committee of Natural Resources and gain oversight on this bold obfuscation of reality and expose the antifishing agenda.
What is really behind the exaggerated effort to restore otter populations to their historic levels? Could it be that there is an underlying nefarious agenda to stop fishing? Maybe there is and agenda to control food resources? Monterey Bay Aquarium instilled the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) labeling of seafood that is “sustainable” for consumers. All these events may be coincidental. But, the odds are questionable.
Follow this series on Julie Packard’s philanthropic monopoly as we expose and explore the nefarious underside of a utopian zealot.
Next in the series we explore Public Private Partnerships and how Julie has placed individuals in positions of government, science and education. Folks need to see the players and the positions they hold. This is one of the most powerful tools in the globalization agenda. The social engineering and disregard for the American system is tantamount to treason. Morals and ethics are absent in the drive for ideological politics.
Written by Jeff Crumley – California Urchin Diver