Maine DMR Bivalve Shellfish Direct Sales

DMR understands these are trying times and many shellfish harvesters and growers are looking for ways to sell directly to customers. However, bivalve shellfish pose a risk to consumers and public safety is critically important even during a pandemic.

Below are ways harvesters may sell product legally:

Sales directly from the harvester’s home – customers must pick up, no delivery

Sales directly from an aquaculture lease (not LPA) – customers must pick up, no delivery

Obtain a retail license from DMR, sell product to a certified dealer and buy it back, then retail from a vehicle or location. A list of certified shellfish dealers can be found at

Become a certified shellfish dealer – this requires a facility. Information on the shellfish dealer certification and inspection program can be found at

It is important shellfish harvesters and growers maintain shellfish sanitation and follow existing regulations to ensure public health. Biotoxin and vibriosis in Maine are real risks and can potentially be lethal to consumers.

Shellfish sanitation statutory requirements can be found at:

Regulatory requirements can be found at:

If you have questions please contact the Bureau of Public Health at [email protected] or Marine Patrol: