Meeting Joe Kennedy in Gloucester

This morning in Gloucester at 9 am, Joe Kennedy met with fishermen and industry representatives, and local politicians to discuss with them, their  concerns about the fishing industry.
We met at the Gloucester Marine railways and then went to the Gloucester House restaurant.
In attendance was Angela Sandfilippo of the Gloucester Fisherman’s Wife’s Association, Captain Joe Orlando, Captain Sam Novello, Captain Russell Sherman, Captain Joe Randssa and Captain Al Conttone of the Gloucester Fisheries Commission.
 Also in attendance was former Gloucester Mayor John Bell, and State Representative Ann Margret Ferrante.
Topics of discussion included Offshore Wind Farms, Imported fish from Iceland, Fishery Observers and Monitoring, NOAA science, and the need for a U.S. Farm Bill tailored to the needs of the unique and varied fisheries of the nation, including timely fishery disaster relief aid.
Joe listened to all of their concerns and said he would work with us, and see how he could help.
Angela Sanfillipo brought up the Offshore Wind Farms and she said we do not want to fight them, but work with them.
Al Conttone was talking about imports of Icelandic Cod and Haddock coming into our country and depressing prices of our locally caught fish and   said Iceland subsidizes their fisherman.
Joe Orlando is concerned about the Fishery Monitors and how risky it was to take observers on trips because it is a danger due to inability to social distance on board the fishing vessel.
Joe Kennedy is trying to get as much info as possible from the industry.
In closing I was glad to be present, and appreciate that he came to hear us. I told Joe he needs an advisory panel to keep him on top of the issues.
Sam Parisi