L.D. 101: Commercial fishermen and their supporters seek total ban on offshore wind farms

The bill would prohibit any state agency from permitting or approving any offshore wind energy project regardless of its location. It was introduced by Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham, R-Winter Harbor, a commercial fisherman,,, The testimony on L.D. 101 from lobstermen, their families and town officials from fishing communities drew a clear line in the sand,,, In his testimony,  Rep. Faulkingham said offshore wind was the worst kind of green energy, calling it up to five times more expensive than market prices, a threat to sea birds and mammals that would eventually take up an area four times larger than Casco Bay and enrich foreign corporations with taxpayer money. Nuclear power and Canadian hydro are better options,, >click to read< 19:23

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    We have enough problems to deal with ,save the whales save the turtles etc ,What about Save our Fisherman

  2. […] bill introduced in the state of Maine to ban offshore wind energy has been passed, described in this report from […]


    Does Tea Party sound familiar??? Words like balance, symmetry, accuracy, strength and materials, are common to Wind-Turbines!!! Vibration, oscillation, frequency, etc… Easily add up to catastrophic failure… Cute little pinwheels on the Beach are amusing… Unfortunately Mega Wind-Turbines can easily become self-destructive runaway debris Fields, via Weather or sh*t luck!!!
    The European Wind-Farms have never seen a major Whale Migration!!! Right Whales had a ball in Cape Cod Bay 2021!!! Where are they frolicking off of Block Island pictures anyone???
    Sand dwelling Sand Lance commonly left out of the Reports???

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