Kodiak Hiring choice questioned – From King Crab Capital to Hard on Bottom Trawl Capital of the World.

The city of Kodiak and the borough just approved the ultimate insider – one who has long represented such huge trawl interests as the at-sea factory trawlers, who do nothing for our local economy – to be the new fisheries adviser.  One wonders why Heather McCarty would even take a mere $30,000 position in a community far from where she lives. Further, how can the wife of a major federal fishery council voting member — Dr. James Balsiger, Alaska regional administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service — not be compromised while aboard at Kodiak? Read more here from Lu Dochtermann, F/V North Point08:15

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  1. It makes me sick to my stomach that I testified before the Kodiak City Council regarding the need for this position. Balsinger waved the flag for Catch Shares. If she’s sleeps with the enemy she’s not a friend.

  2. This choice is a step backwards for Kodiak and the fishermen who reside there. A representative of small boat, local delivery fishing would better represent the best interests of the people of Kodiak.