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Fishermen In Alaska Should Be Nervous As A Dartmouth College Girl About Community Fishing Associations Acting Like The New Nice Guy In Town. Yes the new nice guy in town is the Community Fishing Association  Read more here in the Art of the Rant 12:49

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  1. Youngfisherman says:

    As the “Conrad the Constitution” cartoon on Youtube says, “Let me get my rape stool”. It would be good to keep the quota in the hands of the many. Make sure you all look deep into WHO is pushing this program, WHO is funding this program, WHO benefits (Que Bono?), WHO is paying for lobbyist, and WHY are ‘they’ funding or pushing this. EDF had ulterior motives when they pushed catch shares for new england’s ground fishery, which ironically catch shares helped collapse within 3 years. David Festa (EDF West Coast VP) was quoted as saying to wall street investor types (about groundfish catch shares) “It is not technology money, but it is real money” in regards to buying catch shares as investment to rent back to fishermen. Most important is, as usual, the little guys got screwed. I didn’t see any jiggers buying up a fleet of skiffs and hand gear permits. Catch shares failed the New England ground fishermen as a whole. How many foreclosures, divorces, and suicides did it cause I wonder? I bet those stats were not in any socio-economic reports. BEWARE of EDF, PEW, Waltons, etc. They are out for themselves. We are all losers in their globalist games.


    The Lords of Hypocrites. They outsource their production needs to countries with little concern of the Environment nor their People. Cheap labor, minimal safety awareness, one concern the BOTTOM LINE. Then they use Tax Shelters that attack hardworking Americans and/or leave the Profits Offshore well beyond the 200 Mile Limit.

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