The “Proposed Permit Buy Back” – Disaster Relief That Eliminates More Jobs.

golden towersOH HELL NO. 12:31

  • – Moderator

    History of the World, Caesar’s Palace. The Servant Waits while the Master Baits. Watch the video. You name the characters!

  • Bwaaahaaaaahaaaa

  • jj

    It’s another tax payer funded treasure bath!! Watch as the, “Stake holders,” drive their stakes right into the heart of the society that is funding them.

  • The metaphors are unreal. If it were not so true it would be hilarious. However I’m sure the subjects/peasants see nothing funny about what has happened at all, Brilliant BH, absolutely brilliant!

  • Dandog

    Makes me think of “Don’t throw the rocks til I say Jehovah!” B.H. you da man!

  • Sad, but all true!