The Sea Shepherd Pirate Supporters File RICO Complaint – Ady Gil Sinking Staged, Ruse to Gain Donations – Raised Millions

Donors claim in court that anti-whaling activist Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society took donations from them under false pretenses, by intentionally sinking the ship they gave to the cause and then blaming Japanese whalers, to solicit more donations. <Read more here>  14:05

  • storyartist

    I read this story as one with little knowledge of the commercial boating industry, and as journalism, it’s a good piece. I found myself conflicted because normally I’d root for the animal rights protectors, but in this case, they are the villains, and I do hope you’re able to come to a good outcome here, and the boat rebuilt.

  • Tony Marano

    Ha ha ha ha

  • StripedBassHole

    Could it be that the overlaying GREEN is obscuring the real DIRT???