One Response to Seals Are Officially Cape Cod Public Enemy #1- Now They Are Stinking Up The Streets

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Mammal Protection Act, we’re all Mammals too. Billions have been spent to correct the discharge of Sewage Waste over the last couple decades.. Kind of makes you want to go out and get a big Plate of Fried or Steamed Clams. Actually any Seafood from the Area.
    Looks like we have another winner in the NOAA/NMFS creation of invasive Species. Dog gone it the Seal is going the way of the lowly DOGFISH after all they have Pups too.
    Then we have the ever growing Great White population. Sharks are drawn to Electricity I wonder what the Stray Electricity from the Wind Mills will do?
    You know that inconsistent Extremely Expensive Energy. I wonder if it will come with a Northeaster guarantee?

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