Fisherman John L. Yates convicted of violating Sarbanes-Oxley will be heard by the Supreme Court

When Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, in the wake of the Enron scandal, a key provision was aimed at making a federal crime the type of conduct committed by the energy company’s auditors: rampant destruction of documents, computer drives and email that detailed Enron’s fraud on its investors. Read the rest here 15:11

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  1. DickyG says:

    Why wasn’t Dale Jones charged in violation of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Anti-Shredding provision? He was caught red-handed shredding his files at NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement during an investigation into his official behavior toward the Gloucester fishing community by the Inspector General of the Commerce Department in 2010.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Why wasn’t “Shredder” Jones charged with anything….

    Conspiracy at a minimum (Fill in the blank who Jones had to conspire with)?

    Official criminal misconduct at a minimum?

    Some administrative violation within the agency…again at a minimum?

    Dale Jones…..Intentionally destroying “tangible objects” while acting in a official capacity as an officer within a government agency. Violating his oath as a sworn law enforcement official to uphold the law….and in the end, given what has been termed a “promotion” after committing what on all appearances comes across as a criminal act?

    Maybe it is us who find it offensive while a certain segment in the federal government seem to have the attitude that this is, “much ado about nothing.”

    NY SLIME in 2010:

    ‘Lawmakers Want NOAA’s Law Enforcement Chief to Quit in Wake of Scandal’

    “Jones authorized the destruction of more than 100 files at law enforcement headquarters in Silver Spring, Md., during the investigation of his department last year, according to Commerce IG Todd Zinser.”

    GDT: 1/4/11:

    ‘Editorial: NOAA agent’s transfer makes a mockery of IG’s findings’

    “NOAA chief administrator Jane Lubchenco and her enforcement henchmen are concerned only with maintaining the status quo, and somehow just making these true cases of wrongdoing just go away.”

    “Dale Jones, former director of federal fishing law enforcement, was ousted last spring after Zinser and a subsequent audit found that he had presided over wildly disproportionate enforcement against New England fishermen, extensive misuse of government funds and document shredding while Zinser was actively investigating his department.

    Yet, after he was removed from his post, Jones continued to collect his $158,500 salary. As Congressman Barney Frank put it, “Apparently the reward for highly questionable actions (at NOAA) is a paid vacation.”

    In October, Lubchenco announced that Jones had been reassigned as a fisheries program specialist, a job that comes with a salary of $155,000.

    She also announced that Charles Juliand, the senior attorney for enforcement and litigation in NOAA’s Gloucester-based Northeast headquarters, had been reassigned to work on matters related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.”

    Politico Magazine; April 24, 2014:

    “The irony could not be greater. NOAA is the same federal agency that urged a federal prosecutor to charge me with “shredding” dead fish. Now one of NOAA’s employees stood accused of the same crime.”

    The Loyola Current: 10/6/14:

    ‘Are Fish Tangible Objects Under Sarbanes-Oxley?’

    The comment made by Sandy Yates:

    “Here is a question for you. While my husband, a commercial fisherman was being charged with a document shredding crime, the head law enforcement officer for all of NOAA, Dale Jones, was in front of Congress for shredding 80% of his files when the Inspector General of the United States was investigation his officer for abuse of fishermen. This was a blatant violation of Sarbanes-Oxley.

    He was NOT charged with violation of Sarbanex-Oxley. He was not even fired. He STILL has his 6 figure salary, and was only moved to a lateral position.”

    Why is anyone surprised I keep saying time and again as we are living through and under the most corrupt, crony capitalistic and anti-constitutional administration in our nations history?

    Where is the DOJ and those at the highest levels in federal law enforcement to investigate crimes being committed by what has been mentioned as “rouge actors” working for various federal government agencies?

    News story:

    EPA Acting as ‘Rogue Police Force,’ Watchdog Says

    “A federal inspector general has told Congress that a little-known branch of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is breaking federal law in acting as a “rogue law enforcement organization.”

    The answer is that we have people in congress and the executive branch thus elected officials who support the transformation of our country by this administration, where the rule of law DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM or THOSE WHO DO THEIR BIDDING….ie: one Lois Lerner from the office of what has come to be seen as ‘the office of corrupt practices at the IRS’ against conservative and religious groups (see: Fox News Poll: 76% of Voters Think IRS Emails Were Deliberately Destroyed – )

    See a pattern here under Husseins Administration?

    This story is barely a blip on the radar when it concerns what happened with Lady Jane and the Office of Law Enforcement within NOAA/NMFS, but the current issue before SCOTUS is an extremely important one, not only to the Yates family, but as much to fishermen and the people in this country as far as reigning in outrageous, targeted law enforcement practices against the citizens of this country.

    Make a difference come this election in the coming days…

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