video: NEW: Hinckley Says Over-Regulation Hurting RI Fishing Jobs

“I think what was most striking to me was that while we had Senators and Congressman from both parties, from Massachusetts to Florida, our Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, was a no-show, he apparently doesn’t have the time or interest to speak up for Rhode Island fishing industry jobs,” said Hinckley.

  • Whitehoudse is another ENGO shill ramming windmills up everyones asses.

    • scupguy

      On top of that he was implicated in the insider trading scam that so convieniently allows or federal politicians to use inside information to fatten up their stock portfolio's legally. They are allowed to do the exact same thing that put Martha Stewart in jail. Of course Mr. Whitehouse knew nothing about it….yeah right.

      • He's gotta be in on the juice money for the blow hard windmill fairy dust bunch.

      • These bums have set themselve up, man.