Filmmaker John Hopkins says Bluefin tuna becoming ‘just like pets’!

bluefin-docA new documentary on the Atlantic bluefin tuna says the giant fish are exhibiting unusual behaviour after they migrate into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where some are being hand-fed by fishermen in the open ocean. “One of the things that has happened is they have lost their fear of human beings. They are just like pets. They are being fed over the side by fishermen,” said filmmaker John Hopkins of Square Deal Productions. The behaviour made filming the tuna much easier, he said, but it is puzzling. Hopkins’s National Film Board documentary, Bluefin, premieres at the Atlantic Film Festival on Wednesday. The 53-minute film chronicles the resurgence of bluefin tuna near the fishing port of North Lake, P.E.I., billed as the tuna capital of the world. Dalhousie University oceanographer Boris Worm likens the tuna returning to the Gulf of St. Lawrence to a last herd of buffalo roaming after the animal was wiped out everywhere else on the plains. Read the story here 11:26

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