A Reality Show is Seeking Volunteers to Live Like An Early 20th Century Welsh Fisherman

A TV production company is currently seeking volunteers to live for a month in a cottage along the rugged coastline of North Wales. Sound like a dream? There is a catch: You’ll have to live and work as a fisherman…from 1906. For the show, the company will recreate a traditional fishing village from that time period, with participants wearing fisherman’s garb from the early 20th century and playing house in a simple fisherman’s cottage (something tells us this might not be as cute as it sounds?). Participants will also be earning a living from the sea. Participants will also be earning a living from the sea by fishing from traditional sailboats, collecting shellfish, foraging for seaweed and herbs, and selling their bounty to local fishmongers. >click to read< Casting Call, >click here<18:31

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